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The Internet as revolution in publishing. Or - why Pushkin nevertheless is better?

Let`s consider books and dynamics of a knigoproizvodstvo / knigoprodazha for the last years 50.

Long time writers generally came from rich and noble childbirth, but the century 19y broke this tradition, commoners became writers. Writers, publicists, poets... If some Fet, or Pushkin could quietly and without vanity to wait for arrival of a muse, then some Dostoyevsky or Belinsky had no time, they were drawn in by terms, contracts with kniglizdatel, they needed to give on - the mountain new masterpieces because differently they were left without money. As they say - “the inspiration is not on sale, but it is possible to sell the manuscript“. In 20 m a century of Saint - Ekzyuperi - a unique person among crowds of “ignoble not noblemen“.

In the USSR under the influence of desire of CPSU to control everyone and everything, the Unions were created. Union of Journalists, Writers` Union. Funds, rest houses, acquaintances. Already in Bulgakov`s novel “Master and Margarita“ about it it was well written. To the person from outside to rush into this cozy world of a cut of public money?... In principle it is possible, but... It is necessary to surpass so in the beginning other, rank-and-file members of the Union, how, having become “member“, from this weight not to be given because “will eat - with“.

In the West there was a little differently, but too it is similar. “initial penetration“ of the young writer into “intimate circle“ required much more efforts, than subsequently for continuation of literary activity.

The century 20y brought industrialization in “knigotvoreniye“ and “stikhopleteniye“. Institutes (and “at us“ and “at them“, it is unimportant whether they were called institutes or universities) quite seriously taught tricks, it is guilty, to methods - how to write the story, the novel, the story. Learned to plan future work... For some it meant creativity murder, for some - an opportunity to earn by a feather. Though between the ordinary author and a small volume of its story there was a heap to the people - from litagent and editors to editorial boards and other.

When the USSR sank into oblivion, on counters of book stalls there were earlier driven detectives, a fantasy and so forth. In the beginning “their“, but soon it appeared, as our own authors are able to write not worse. If the arts councils do not prevail over them.

Having removed towards the dumbfounded “members“ of various Unions, new detective writers and fantasts rushed into literature. Forgive to
- I wrote “to literature“.
Not absolutely so. Someone rushed also into literature. The majority - seized upon the fees for the “literature“ which is snatched away by the people, upon money which did not shine them earlier.

With arrival to each house of the Internet, life human changed a little. Especially with emergence in access and powerful electronic libraries (about Yu - a tube and various “worlds“ of video games I do not even undertake to tell because it is absolutely almost unfamiliar).

Now everyone can get into some electronic library and download some “masterpiece“. And in many libraries it is possible and simply, most to download own work. At the same time, if it is written well and will catch sight to a litagent when he looks through novelties of the website - it is quite possible to receive the invitation to sign the contract and to give the work for its edition. And nest numbers to the new authors who rushed to circulations of the books and also to the popularity and earnings accompanying it.

It causes extremely negative reaction of the “skilled authors“ who became well-known at readers in the late eighties or 90e years. They - that passed then a full cycle - wrote the text, tried to be original, got on an electronic medium, brought listings in publishing house. In one, in another, in the third, them, at last somewhere became interested, made the contract, printed just once, it turned out that their creativity is demanded by the reader - and feverish reproduction and replication of “forks“, “lamps“ and other stock began... And now?! Hardly on the website there is something though somehow interesting - it at once in the press if only the idea was new or interesting to the reader. Even grammatical errors are not always managed to be corrected to the press.

Whether it is bad? Yes by no means! In which - that eyelids just the any passer-by, without possessing penetrative abilities and acquaintances among publishers had an opportunity to acquaint a heap of the people with the ideas.
of Acquaintance in the publishing environment at last stopped being the factor allowing absolutely untalented authors to zadolbat those who do not have these acquaintances and to force out them from “the fruitful field of writers“.
the Truth at the same time arose concept of “electronic libraries“ and “e-books“, I besides usual library have an e-book in which, on the card 16GB the library which is filled up constantly from a grid lies. For 90% downloaded by me - pure mess. And here 10% of books personally I, after reading from the e-book, buy. Well, maybe, and not 10%, but I buy 1 - 3% precisely. The fact that not only is original idea, but also is well stated. Generally - the PRESENT books.

And why nevertheless - Pushkin is better? I am not convinced that Pushkin is better than all writers of the past and future in general.
Just besides enormous talent it had also an opportunity quietly, without vanity to consider and write... What he wrote. And lack of vanity and a pursuit for... whether money, whether circulations - perfectly affects quality of written.