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Education of the young actor. What has to be image?

the World change with a frightening speed. Such feeling that in the 21st century the earth began to gain steam, moving around the sun. The sixteen-year youth considers itself already adult, children from the first class begin to argue on relationship of floors with such wisdom that parents clutch at the head. If yesterday the works written in Chunga - Chiang and The Dog by Nickname the Friend Was Gone style were considered as

as children`s songs, then today children at festivals quietly sing songs in “love-story“ style, and it does not cause in us cultural shock. We reconciled to it. What to do if now it is not interesting to young generation to sing about orange camels. Well, and time the child chooses for the number the song from adult repertoire, and it has to have a corresponding image - we so think, beginning to train the young performer for a part.

Precisely so together with us also vocal teachers, and heads of choreographic collectives think if their wards have to carry out a backup dancers role at such performer. But here in what paradox: the clever viewer in the majority perceives little actors in an image of young “ladies“ and “dandy“ ambiguously, with a big share of a negative, and these most quickly matured little actors to any do not agree to come back to children`s repertoire of the last century. And what in that case to do to parents and teachers of young talent - to struggle with these desires to sing “adult“ songs and dances, forcing to sing about vacation and florets, or to wave on this problem a hand, in hope that time will place everything in places? As they say, “Image - all this …“

But, maybe, before waving a hand, it is worth understanding - what is image? We got used to this term, but not quite we understand what its essence consists in. Dressing young performers in ambiguous suits and putting kilograms of cosmetics on a face, we actually create to our talented children image or simply - naprosto we mold from them a silly unnatural mask? But, as we know, masks very quickly grow to the person … Experts give to

such definition: image is a certain image at which the personality, it “I“, am represented to people around, emphasizing strengths and hiding shortcomings. Image is what allows the viewer to distinguish one performer from another, being at the same time one of the main instruments of the competition.

Alas, presently children from the first exit to a big scene become active small screws of the huge car under the name the competition. Also we want or we do not want, but the desire will be instinctively better to be the others to urge on and you, and your kid creating such image which will begin to allocate it in the best light on a scene. Of course, to sew extravagant suits and you will draw to it an expressive face at the first stage, and the child should bear this image. But as it is important in this period of formation of the child as persons to inform it of concept of the fact that image of the actor is not only the person, plasticity and a suit.

- And what else? - for certain will ask many. Let`s understand it.

In a platform image is understood as “a scenic image“ of the soloist or variety collective - not very well what genre. Image for any actor is the natural embodiment of unique creative identity. Image is created specially by means of clothes, a make-up, a mimicry, gestures, gait of the actor, and also those who accompany it.

Now I to you will reveal secret about which you, most likely, also do not know. Experts who investigated the image nature came to a conclusion that there are four measurements of image. The first - visual image, what is evident at once, an external image of the actor: his clothes, footwear, accessories, hairdress, jewelry, and also behavior manner, mimicry, gestures. Usually only over it our parents also work with teachers behind the scenes and in rehearsal classes. But there is also the second measurement of image - so-called verbal image which is defined by culture of communication. How at the child the speech how he says when interview it is constructed?

And still exist contextual image - a circle of contacts, Wednesday where the actor, and event image - its reputation spends time. It is not enough to be the cool performer on a scene, it is necessary still that and in usual life the actor corresponded to the status. Pay attention to how already taken place actors care that the press writes about them. They in every possible way preserve the image, without allowing journalists to those areas of the life where realities do not correspond to the created image.

So before justifying emergence of young talent on a scene in strange attires - chulochka on braces, a decollete and brightly pomaded lips to ears - the capacious word “image“, it is necessary to reflect: whether and the party you move to that. And, maybe, so far the young performer was not created as the personality, once you wait a moment with his image not to do much harm, and during creation of “a scenic image“ to make a start from its uniqueness. In the absence of uniqueness even the created image is perceived as incomplete, incomplete. It is not a portrait of the living person, but a template, the preparation needing “dopisyvaniye“, “prorisovyvaniye“ of individual traits. Generally, the mask, but not image turns out.

Someone will exclaim: “My God, as everything is complicated! At my child is it is just game such - in the actor! It is necessary to treat it more simply“. Alas, in this case the saying “Simplicity - worse than theft“ is applicable. It only the child considers that he has full authority to move independently in any direction. And let he so considers while it have us behind the back - grown wise life adult relatives who will not allow it to do many nonsenses. And when he wants to move in the doubtful direction, we have to take away it from this dangerous way. We have to remember that taste of our children is formed by us, and they will pay for bad taste - our beautiful children to whom we wish only good luck.

And not to do troubles, we need to learn to look at our children not only eyes of dear people, but also eyes of strangers - clever critics, sane stylists and wise psychologists. It is, of course, difficult tasks, but who said that to raise children - it is simple?