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How to avoid “star fever“?

Star fever - an artful illness with the beautiful name. The term “stardom“ in itself is bright and attractive therefore there is nothing strange that the young growth of young talents very much strives for it. Especially as various mass media in every possible way warm up these aspirations, impudently operating the term “stardom“ in any case. What

only stars in the world do not happen: there are star youth and an old age, there are stars theatrical and variety, the ballet and sport, show - business and a glamour. How here not to seek to become covered somewhat quicker to the simple person by this yellow brilliant scab from which at your emergence in all begins to stick together eyes and to intercept breath: “Ah, look, same that star!“ There is a wish that it happened as in the fairy tale - the ugly duckling from an unclear chicken turned into a beautiful bird once and found the happiness. Or the slob Zolushka turned into the princess and began to rule the magic kingdom. Of course, it is so romantic!

And therefore, making the first progress in some type of variety art, taking prizes at competitions and festivals, young singers and dancers begin to work so zealously on the “star“ image that having been fond of this game, very quickly approach that critical line behind which the sharp withdrawal pains of their fragile, not created mentality begin. There is a haughty tone, whims, exposure of conditions and other … At this moment it is necessary to catch as soon as possible this weak personality - “to be enough for trousers“ and “to put into place“. And who will do it - the teacher or parents - it is not important. It is important to save young creation from a horrible “star“ disease which cripples and corrupts to a shower.

However happens that parents like “stardom“ of the children. Besides - mothers and fathers actively maintain this image of young talent, inspiring in the child that it is real “center of the universe“ around which the whole world will be started turning soon. Though if to glance in depth of parental soul, then it is possible to see behind all this game in the star child only only simple self-interest - parents dream that sometime this stardom will become for their offspring profitable business. If their child becomes not just “star“, and a star of a world manner then!. Ah, the head … by

Poor parents is already turned … They persistently try not to remember many and many tragic destinies mega - stars of world business which, eventually, died from - for the superpopularity, having turned from just gifted people into cars for earning money. Merlyn Monro, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston - this list can be continued and continued … At everything while these are undoubtedly - the most great performers almost did not suffer from star fever, star life brought them to tragic line in not old age. And if to ask parents a question: “You that your children became such known would like?“ - all will exclaim chorus and without thoughts: “Oh, yes! Of course!“ But after the following question: “And you that they also finished the life would like?“ - there is a long pause …

But all - the most important question consists in the following: how to keep the young man in reality, not to allow to capture him to dangerous passions, to drag off in “a star height“ where except dizziness and money there is nothing. And there is nobody - either friends or relatives, one producers and competitors.

It seems to me, the main task of both teachers, and parents - to teach the talented child to love art in itself more, than itself in art? And always to remember - craftiness of a “star“ illness is that the diseased feels in this star interval of time perfectly. In it the volcano of desires and passions boils, it seems to it that time it in the blossoming of forces, all remarks in the address on the fact that he put on airs - no more than usual envy. Still - its rating is high, demand for his talent is huge and therefore he can live according to the great phrase of the great commander: “The winner is always right“!

But there passes time, character of “star“ becomes all kaprizny, all zanoschivy, close people becomes less because in the opinion of “star“ they turn into envious persons and spitpoisons. And teachers - those who brought to this star track become not the decree any more. There is nobody to advise and warn now, there is nobody to criticize a star. And as a result - the star becomes ridiculous and elaborate, unnatural, so and unattractive. Ranks of fans thin especially as in a star sky new fresh asterisks appear, is far brighter also “nezamorochenny“, more naturally and more well. And sick “star“ - as a result - dies away. She still tries to fight, start everything anew, but all communications with teachers and friends are torn, all the boats are burned and the character spoiled by stardom has an effect. The habit to speak arrogantly and haughtily does not allow to find a common ground with those who could help. Yes, for big money it is possible to buy a cool song, to make cool arrangement, but the trust cannot be bought.

You remember at Mayakovsky: “If stars light - means - it is necessary for somebody …“. It seems to all that a rank “star“ is an award. And it is represented to me that “stardom“ is the great test sent to the person from above. To be “star“, remaining that throughout all life - it is a hard labor, both spiritual, and physical. Enters duties of real, genuine “star“ also to be an example of great humanity, patriotism, to be a beacon for ordinary people. The beacon specifying a way through a storm and fogs!

Perhaps, the mission of the real star also consists in it?