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How to expiate a parrot?

Hardly ever earlier the thought would come to my mind how to expiate a parrot., It seems, the answer is obvious … Why him to bathe? He is not a chimney sweep and not the miner … What can happen to it it that it will become dirty? When it is necessary, it is possible to put a kupalka, he also popleshchtsya in water. And, it appears, cases when the parrot has to be bathed, happen not so seldom. Here at us, it seems, the clever and independent daughter grows at

in a family. Itself looks after parrots, itself cleans at them a cage, itself feeds and every morning changes water, itself “yum-yum“ buys everyones … And here the other day drew (it at us creative nature), and on a brush the parrot sat down. Well and, it is visible, the imagination so raged that in 5 minutes the blue parrot became zheltovato - blue. Beautiful such color turned out, but when gouache began to dry up, the daughter with tears in the eyes came running for the help …

the emergency question what to do to help a bird Rose? How to expiate a parrot not to do much harm? The question of to frightening, did not stand any more. It was important to wash away as the bigger amount of paint as Shurochka (our wavy popugaychik) began to clean the klyuvik consequences of daughter`s “inspiration“ is possible. Will gorge on paints and what will be? To put a kupalka in a cage that she was washed? Not option because wings from above were painted and to get rid of “exceptional“ drawing, it is necessary to put a parrot on a back.

The benefit our popugaikha - the girl manual, and differently I do not even represent, as if we bathed her. Having read on the Internet that from violent bathing the birdie can or begin me to be afraid, or to die of a cardiac rupture, all was necessary - to risk. The matter is that the question stood between “and suddenly will carry“ and “will precisely get poisoned with paint“ therefore, in principle, the choice was not. The urgent decision was made: let`s bathe.

In a bathroom a question, how exactly to expiate a volnistik, again brought us to disputes. The husband said that it is necessary to bathe in a basin, but I did not even represent how, holding a parrot for a back (and differently in a basin it will not turn out), this back to wash. I adjusted a warm stream of water so that it was not really small, but that did not beat strongly a gentle back of a little bird. At first I accurately splashed water on wings of a parrot, then gradually set up Shurochka under a water stream. Having wetted all plumelets, I applied on them the children`s shampoo which is in advance divorced in water. Having slightly massaged, I washed away foam and again applied shampoo.

Having washed, as far as possible, paint, I wrapped a parrot in a soft towel, accurately not to injure a pad. Periodically I shifted it to a dry site of a towel that moisture was quicker absorbed in fabric. When the birdie a little bit dried up, I released her in a cage and there our beauty began to clean herself.

Our experiment took place remarkably! The birdie is healthy and cheerful and, by the way, absolutely is not afraid of me, probably, understood that I rescued her … And the daughter got such stress that she looks after the feathery friends even better now, than earlier! Of course, it is better to watch parrots and not to assume that they flew in a plate with borsch, fell in vinaigrette or were soiled in paint … But if it happened, then it is possible to wash accurately a bird warm water (not more hotly) with use of hypoallergenic children`s shampoo or a natural laundry soap. If on plumelets there is something harmless, then it will descend in the course of a molt. If paint or fuel oil (or something similar) can do harm to a bird, then it “something“ should be cut off accurately nozhnichka with stupid edges (not to wound the feathery favourite).