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How to fight against irascibility?

not to complicate life to itself and to people around, it is necessary to learn to be self-controlled. Nothing good such trait of character as irascibility, brings. To acquire enemies and without it it is rather simple.

to answer a question of how to fight against irascibility, should understand its nature. Any manifestation of human emotions is a reply of nervous system to irritation. Intemperance unusual for you in statements, categorical disagreement with everything that occurs around, sudden flashes of rage is, as a rule, result of a nerve strain. In this case it is rather simple to have a rest, do favorite thing, to finish unpleasant work - and everything will rise on the places. When at the person of trouble, any trifle can unsettle him. However stresses can provoke also serious diseases therefore, having noticed unpleasant changes in character, useful will be to consult with the doctor.

Psychologists claim that if not to allow negative emotions to be splashed out, then the state can only be aggravated, and finally the person “will retire into oneself“. In it hatred to all who surround it begins to be cultivated. On the other hand, excessive irascibility develops into a habit and becomes the integral trait of character. How to find “golden mean“ and not to turn into the tyrant or the misanthrope? The answer is simple and difficult at the same time: it is necessary to learn to control the emotions.

Irascibility often happens a consequence of the fact that the person is not satisfied, first of all, by himself. He can be quite successful, but at the same time feels internal discomfort. To help overcome complexes in this case close people can. It is sometimes rather simple to sound what, apparently, is clear to all: “You are successful! You achieved so and so!“. When the question concerns itself, to allocate the main thing in vanity of everyday life happens very difficult, and the accents placed by someone allow to estimate own life differently.

There are several ways of how to fight against irascibility. If the person realizes that such problem is, then it is possible to win against this trait of character. Three stages are the cornerstone of one of methods: the analysis of a situation, a conclusion and correction of own behavior on the basis of the analysis and a conclusion. Analyse for what reason you flew into a rage. Perhaps, you cannot “accept“ the person, perhaps, his actions. If matter in the personality, then try to minimize contacts in the person unpleasant to you. If you are irritated by someone`s certain words or acts, so directly and tell about it. The person can not guess that his manner of behavior is unacceptable for you therefore the straight talk sometimes helps to adjust communication.

If the irascibility reason in the overestimated requirements both to yourself, and to people around, try to understand that all people different. That for one - norm, for another - a feat. To try to change others - business ungrateful. It will be more correct - to begin with itself. Flashes of aggression are pernicious, first of all, for you. Put some nice on the touch thing in a pocket, let it will be your mascot. It can be the pebble brought from the sea or a bead. While you will feel that you here - here will break, touch a mascot and remember the pleasant moments, related. And, the main thing, try to accept people such what they are then to you, and surrounding it will become easier to live.