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How to use a guelder-rose?

that berries of a guelder-rose possess medicinal properties, are known even by absolutely healthy people. The guelder-rose ordinary remarkably grows in our latitudes. Its berries are tasty, they contain the mass of vitamins, for example, of vitamin C in guelder-rose berries more, than in a lemon. Besides berries in the medical purposes bark and color of a guelder-rose are used.

It is bright - red berries of a guelder-rose announce arrival of fall. While someone admires them, others collect, and some also specially grow up a guelder-rose ordinary on the sites as already estimated its properties and know how to use a guelder-rose. From this remarkable berry wring out juice, from it cook jam, prepare tinctures and stuffings for pies, decorate with it dishes, freeze it and add to a pickles. As we see, the guelder-rose is used not only as a remedy. It is eaten. It is that case when the product not only is tasty, but also it is useful. The guelder-rose is ingredient of cosmetic masks and creams. Thanks to it these means gain the rejuvenating, toning and restoring properties.

How to use a guelder-rose, you will be told by each hypertensive person. It - foremost of all folk remedies at an elevated pressure. Besides, a guelder-rose treat gastritis, atherosclerosis, cold, a disease of the top airways, diseases of vessels and heart. Leaves of a guelder-rose apply at skin diseases - rashes, herpeses. Leaves mill and squeeze out juice with which moisten affected areas of skin of gruel. As medicine not only berries and leaves, but also guelder-rose flowers are used. Infusion from them is recommended to be accepted to the women suffering from painful feelings at periods. The same infusion helps at quinsy and an osiplost of a throat (as rinsings). It prepares so: it is necessary to knead 2 tablespoons of berries of a guelder-rose, to fill in with a glass of boiled water and to hold on a water bath within 15 minutes. Before the use infusion should be cooled and filtered.

If you love guelder-rose berries, consider that they possess easy laxative action. At prolonged use the guelder-rose reduces cholesterol level in blood, makes active a fatty exchange. Double curative effect the guelder-rose with honey has. It prepares so: in a double boiler it is necessary to steam out slightly berries then to wipe them through a sieve. After weight cools down, it is mixed with natural honey in a proportion 1:1. If there is no double boiler, it is possible to use a pan with water and a colander. Berries should be filled up in a colander, to put it on a pan with the boiling water and to cover. As soon as berries begin to burst, they at once should be removed from fire. The guelder-rose with honey is accepted on a tablespoon on an empty stomach. This medicine well helps at bronchitis and a sore throat, besides, it possesses the all-strengthening properties and is capable to provide standard daily rate of vitamins.

And at the end a couple of words how to use a guelder-rose in cookery. Pies with this berry - a traditional Russian dish, but, unfortunately, now cook them seldom. Even less often from berries of a guelder-rose cook sauce for meat. You want it the recipe? Take identical amount of berries and sugar. Drench berries with boiled water and pound in a mortar, separate the received weight from seeds, having wiped it through a sieve. Pour sugar into the received juice and warm up mix on a water bath. It is not necessary to boil it, it is enough to wait for that moment when sugar is dissolved. This sauce perfectly approaches a game.

Berries of a guelder-rose have a peculiar taste - they taste bitter a little, but just this bitterness also is pleasant to much. After takes berries frost, they lose this smack. You do not love bitterness of a guelder-rose? Freeze it! Eat a guelder-rose, do broth of its bark, escapes and flowers and be always healthy!