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Why to a walrus canines?

the Walrus - a surprising animal. In total in it special: weight, sizes, habitats. He is the only representative of family morzhovy. Without having auricles, he perfectly hears, without having legs, perfectly moves. In addition it has one more feature - long and powerful canines which are quite often called tusks (by analogy with tusks of overland animals).

the set of assumptions of that why to a walrus canines Existed. In some descriptions of these majestic animals scientists assigned to canines a vehicle part. If it was so, then females at whom canines are much shorter would be deprived of an opportunity to move. Also the assumption that canines walruses get to themselves food was disproved. Besides, if it so, then how females and young males are fed?

It is already proved that in search of food walruses are helped by not canines, but vibrissa. Them the animal “probes“ a bottom, them skatyvat collected food in lumps. On a muzzle of a walrus can be more than five hundred vibriss which wear out with age. Here then, deprived of sensitive “moustaches“, walruses for excavation of mollusks, worms and crustaceans use canines. When the walrus has no need “to plow“ a bottom in search of food (in the conditions of bondage), its vibrissa can reach considerably bigger length, than at wild relatives. If in the nature length of “moustaches“ makes near (or slightly more) ten centimeters, then in a zoo - to thirty.

Today it is authentically known why to a walrus canines: they define its “status“. The they are longer and more powerful, the harem is more numerous at a male than it. Canines are a powerful weapon by means of which walruses find out which of them is stronger. Not always fights for favor of females do without blood. Duels in which fighters, approximately equal on force, take part are especially dramatic. It does not cancel use of “tusks“ not to destination. If necessary the walrus can use canines to climb up an ice floe. Growth of canines - process long. At some males it can proceed more than 15 years. Strong canines help a walrus to break ice, with their help it does an ice-hole, but their basic purpose - to show to the rival who is stronger.

The individuals having very rich food allowance occur among walruses. To a usual forage - to mollusks and Crustacea - they add birds and even seals. Here it is not necessary to ask any more a question of that why to a walrus canines. In total and so clear: to kill production. Canines of such walruses more sharply and more thinly, than at ordinary males, and live they, as a rule, separately from others. It is not about those walruses which change the menu from - for temporary shortages of a forage, and about the real robbers inspiring fear in other large animals including on seals. The last, by the way, try to leave a habitat of such cruel hunter.

Unfortunately, the authority of canines of a walrus, so indisputable among relatives, has no influence on the person. Walruses were mercilessly exterminated from - for canines. What they were more powerful, bigger danger their owner was exposed to those. Sale of products from canines of a walrus was always profitable business. Now hunting on walruses is strictly regulated. In Rossiion it is resolved only for the indigenous people of the North (Yakutia and Chukotka) which are traditionally using meat and fat of these animals, and some subspecies of walruses in general are included in the Red List of Russia.