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What they are wines of Riokhi?

If wine of France and Italy argue among themselves for the highest steps of a rating of the largest producers of wine in the world long ago and surely, then Spain steadily takes in recent years the honourable third place.

And not because Spanish wines it is worse on quality, and only as the large-scale vinoproizvodstvo of this country developed not so steadily and constantly.

One of the most known wine-making regions of Spain is Rioja (Rioja). This area is located in the north of Spain (to the north only Basques), on the river bank of Ebr. In the south to Riokh separates the ridge Sierra of de la Demand, in the north - Sierra de Cantabria. And in this territory protected by mountains from winds there are about 42 thousand hectares of vineyards.

Though in riokhsky wines there are also grapes of the neighboring regions - Navarre, Castile, Leon. The main wine-making subregion - Rioja of the Viola, further - Rioja Alavesa and Rioja Baha. The last practically does not make some independent wines, but the material which is grown up in its territory makes heavier and supplements blends of more light wines of other regions.

Archeological finds demonstrate that the winemaking prospered in the territory of Riokhi at the time of Romans, however modern history of Riokhi as wine-making region begins in the second half of the XX century. Then the French wine makers expelled from native lands by invasion of a phylloxera located on the Spanish lands and united specifics of the Spanish rods with the French traditions of winemaking. In 1991 Rioja the first in Spain received the status of DOC (Denominacion de Origen Calificada) - the highest qualification level.

As well as in France, in Spain requirements to production of wine are established at the legislative level. So, for wines of the region of Rioja only 7 grades of grapes - and not “classical“, long ago habitual and recognized by fans of wine, and exclusively local can be used. So, red wine which is most characteristic of Spain in Riokh can be made of grapes of grades of Garnacha Tint, Grasian, Masuelo and Tempranilyo. At the same time the lion`s share of production is the share of the last grade. White wine in Spain - it is rather an exception, than the rule, but also for it there is the list. So, “white Rioja“ can be made on the basis of grades Garnacha Blanca, Malmsey or Viura.

Many types of alcohol have some kind of classification of quality . Wines are classified, in particular, depending on endurance. So, in the region there are following categories:

1. Sin Crianza, cosecha, joven - young wines which are most often matured only in bottles, passing a barrel.

2. Crianza - such wine has to be sustained not less than 12 months in an oak barrel, and as much again - in a bottle.

3. Reserva - this marking receive wines of three-year endurance from which at least a year - in a flank. Though many Reserva wines are matured before sale longer - till 5 years.

4. Gran Reservas wines are matured not less than two years in a flank, at total period of endurance in 5 years.

By the way, if for French wines the region and year of a harvest, then for wines of Spain endurance - one of key indicators are defining.

On taste of wine of Riokhi quite saturated, dense, oily. At young wines it is pronounced fruktovo - berry taste and aroma with notes of cherry, plum, sometimes - vanilla and spices. More old wines get wood tone, taste becomes not so sharp, but deeper. By the way, heavy, saturated wines - drinks autumn.

So, perhaps, now - it is a high time to learn what it on taste - Spanish Rioja.