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What is gastronomic tourism?

Certainly, on each travel it is necessary to eat, but it does not do travel gastronomic. Often with pain it is necessary to see how in the countries where the food can present an unknown range of emotions and feelings, tourists choose McDonald`s or the sad, torn-off from the Italian roots pizza...

The gourmet goes to other country or the district to enjoy food and drink, paying a minimum of the attention we designate to aspects - sights and so on.

But it does not mean that all countries are suitable for gastronomic tourism. Traditionally in this area France is in the lead - the number of the famous cooks reads off scale here though, perhaps, it is connected not least with the fact that in France the gastronomic reference book of Michelin is published, and his inspectors went round in the beginning and estimated the native land. In France of attention high kitchen - in difference, for example, from Italy where practically in each snack bar prepare divinely deserves, and wine in a supermarket on Sicily will pull on the firm five (to estimate expensive wines from exclusive cellars, it is already necessary to invent other rating scale).

In Europe of a gourmet also Spain - especially attracts its coastal areas where seafood prepares so long ago and they such fresh that they cannot just be spoiled. And the abundance of greens and vegetables all the year round gives to any dishes a rank of healthy - excessively to remind how it is popular now and trendovo. Also in recent years gains popularity Hungary - imperial traditions including culinary, here perfectly remained, despite the Soviet past. And grades of grapes are so good that they forced to attract attention the French wine makers who moved in search of well forgotten bouquets here.

Among gourmets there is an informal opinion that the to the south kitchen, the it is more tasty - an example with Spain and Italy it confirms. About kitchen from the countries located in Europe to the north - like Germany or Great Britain, nothing is heard in a peculiar gourmet rating. Paradoxically, but the small northern country of Norway without special centuries-old culinary traditions, nevertheless, surely restricts the habitual directions in a rating of gastronomic tourism. The matter is that local cooks in a row win several years first place in various culinary competitions up to “the best cook of the world“, and the quantity of mishlenovsky stars at the Norwegian restaurants grows disproportionately the number of the population. However, the transcendental prices, including of alcohol, limit a stream of gastroturist a little - but leave among them the most true and devoted to idea of hedonism in all its manifestations.

But not Europe uniform the gourmet is full. Other popular direction of kitchen on the judge is Hugo - east Asia. Of course, there is no sense to go only behind food, but violence of the nature, the ocean and kras about you local Buddhist sights anyway will be a worthy facet to gastronomic impressions. Exactly here the street food - yes, made on gas torches, directly on the sidewalk, at best given on the plastic tables laid by sticky oilcloths undividedly reigns. Nevertheless the best-known derive inspiration from this street fast food the chief - cooks not only from the region, but also from Europe - finding in simple giving and combinations of products those flavoring bases which become high kitchen and masterpieces a fusion - restaurants. And by the way, judges claim that the food cooked on the street or in foot - court, or given at expensive restaurant, differs only in surroundings, but not quality including products. In protection of street Asian cuisine it is possible to remind an axiom that - beginning all popular dishes from pizza and finishing a fondue - came to haute cuisine from national kitchen, a cooking of shepherds and urban poor.

Independently in gastronomic kitchen there is Japan - this country is so far and mysterious in the hieroglyphs that there you will not go only for the sake of sushi and sashimi. Especially as expansion of Japanese cuisine for the whole world seems the secret plan of a victory of Japanese in World War II, and sincerely it is indecent to love sushi to a gourmet already somehow even - excellent sushi can be found also in Zuma and Nobu restaurants in London or New - York.

Asian cuisine can sing long a hosanna, but the look to other parts of the world is reversible. Paradoxically, but America is not the popular country for a gastroturizm. Though the best-known and best institutions are concentrated in New - York, will hardly come to a gourmet to mind specially to fly across the ocean (it is, of course, about the traveler from Europe) to have supper in branches of the Parisian or London restaurants. Especially as here the best is concentrated that is in the Old World, and undividedly reign the chief - cooks from London and Paris, serving the organic, ecological, fat-free and socially responsible food, fashionable on Manhattan.

If you are not frightened by cholesteric blows, interesting gastronomic impressions can be received also in the Middle East - where falafel, hummus, shawarma undividedly dominates and other it is halal - kosher dishes. However, it is flavored with a large number of greens and vegetables that conceals abundance of the vegetable fat applied when frying a little. Anyway, Middle Eastern kitchen, as well as a Middle Eastern heat and customs - pleasure on the fan.

And finally there is a wish to mark the new direction on the culinary world map. The matter is that in this regard promptly gains popularity Georgia. Here meanwhile intensive technologies of animal husbandry and agriculture are everywhere not widespread thanks to what all products have natural pronounced taste (and not just those which were grown up in special eko - farms and there is fantastic sum). Plus wine, natural hospitality and really tasty and various kitchen - all this does this country by very attractive direction for a gastroturist.