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Neighbour`s community in the USA. What is it?

Inherently the person - a collective being. To be part something is not just to be oneself, and to be something more than. Therefore - that we are so greedy for participation in various associations of people on the most various interests.

I will not be mistaken if I tell that the average U.S. citizen reckons at least about ten various formal or informal membership: church parish, party membership, Jim - club, professional association, the charitable organization, school council, public organizations, and, at last, the same neighbour`s community.

There are two words in English transferring concept of a neighbour`s community: community and neighborhood. And if the official commune of residents of the residential district has quite officially appointed city / settlement alderman who along with economic functions at the same time supervises public and cultural life of the residential district, then the informal commune or the neighbourhood develops spontaneously an initiative from below, from inhabitants.

“Alderman“ we will not translate as the oldest. Aldermen are as if elective okolotochny, but without police functions. Here my neighbourhood Tom Tunney, the beautiful person, itself grown in our neighbourhood, knowing it backwards which beat out, gnawed at all mayors whom he saw and endured on the post, the best infrastructures in the city, Lincoln Park who made our area the best neighbourhood of Big Chicago directs.

But how the alderman in itself was good, he would make nothing without participation of residents of the area. And hitryuchiya it appeared: he so managed to enter each house of the site that it managed to unite inhabitants in public committee, and members of the committee broke the residential district into sites, and at these sites organized neighbour`s groups.

Tunney somehow complained at meeting of committee: it was difficult earlier, only mail, phone and legs connected office of the alderman with inhabitants. Now on the Internet Mr. Tunney in each house every day. Somewhere the road will be repaired, somewhere transport will go to a detour, volunteers somewhere will plant saplings of trees - assistants are invited, it are numbers the church arranges picnic - all residents of the area are invited, it are we at stadium will have a game - wait for traffic jams. The beach opens a season, closes a season. There was a pilferer - do not throw bicycles on the street. The person who stayed for pedophilia or rape is released from prison, will live on it - that to the address. The help in a zoo is required, donations warm clothes - collection point there - that are required. In our area there were 8 new houses, 10 more is repaired. The house such - that will be demolished - inhabitants are invited to discuss what needs to be constructed on this place.

Every day our alderman does not allow us to forget that we, inhabitants, really members of our neighbourhood and commune. But all this, so to speak, from above, from the authorities and down.

And here is how there is neighbour`s commonwealth from below: in America it is accepted to meet new neighbors. In - the first, it is a tribute of already habitual goodwill and politeness. New neighbors also hurry predstavitsyaokruzhayushchy, and old residents welcome beginners house pastries. Of course, it is important to know who are they such, bought the neighboring house, driven in your town - a house: to you with them to live in the neighbourhood, to your children to play with their children together. Therefore we both bake a novoselny cake and we rush, 32 teeth wide open, to new neighbors: hello, we such - live there - whether our help is necessary to you, here our phone, and it to you - equip with modern conveniences and connected to our neighbourhood.

Our men invite the brand new little man to a bachelor party to the local bar, women involve the new hostess in the local club to polepetat about something especially female, children get acquainted on some sudden (and at whom it is necessary) picnic on a backyard … By the way, children just suffer from change of the residence more, there were old good friends. And on new as still it will develop. No, we will not allow: there are my sons. And it is my daughter. Give - to us home, they will show you the tent.

The pastor of local church will surely call or will come itself, will invite to a mass, to church action, the police officer will drop in to ask how settled, the mail carrier will surely be presented - generally all as always.

And all this is approximately identical over all country - neighbors really know each other, communicate and try to keep together. At the same time in mentality of inhabitants the right for prayves is hammered with mother`s milk - my all life (and not just my house) - my fortress!

Tell to whom what business that the sosedkina the daughter gave birth to the boy? There is a business! We all our commune ironed her tummy, and Mrs. Bud looked after for starshenky while she gave birth in hospital. But already men drag a huge ladder - help the sosedkiny son-in-law to fasten on a pediment of their house a welcome extension “It’s a Boy!“ with multi-colored balls. And return with the newborn baby becomes the improvised holiday for neighbors - something drags everyone house or fast grocery - not before cooking will be to neighbors in the first days.

And here old Mr. Quinn died: it is necessary to help a family (usually give money), it is necessary to order a wreath, to sit at farewell to a body in the funeral house, it is necessary to follow to the grave, and then to establish waiting list in a commune for watch in the house deceased … to

of the Birth, death, a wedding, arrival of children in college, graduation parties, local sokkerny fights at stadium of the residential district, a joint St. Patrick`s Day, Oktoberfest in the local bar, and Halloween, and Christmas when one street of a neighbourhood competes with another in the best ornament, and the Independence Day when all street we begin to scorch from all flare pistols …

of 314 million people lives in the USA today. When you say, shortly and unconvincingly it turns out - well figure naked. And when, especially in towns (and the country also consists of such), you see these neighbour`s communes, you see how it consists of communes regional, city, and then and regular self-government as all and everyone also vzaimopronizana only by one uniting feeling - love to the country, small a locale - patriotism and big comprehensive patriotism are interconnected, this figure begins to be filled with a chelovechinka.

Yes, the American really considers the country as the best on the planet. It can be dissatisfied with some single moments (oh how many I hear these “return my country back!“), but even he prefers to travel only around the country, and about emigration of Americans from the country here and had never heard. (The other day read somewhere: the American adores the country and hates those who do not love it, and the Russian hates the country, but hates also those who divide his hatred. Laughter and sin, but truth!)

And the love to the country arises here, in these small neighbourhoods, in “hello“ and a smile absolutely unfamiliar, “I can help with the first phrase of any person to you?“, in greetings “welcome“, in simple and absolutely ordinary, budenny things: births, weddings, funeral, community work days, picnics, housewarming.

Already long ago I realized that I am incapable to love all mankind. Alas. At best it is indifferent for me. But this feeling gives me strength to love from all forces the family, the relatives, friends, the lovely neighbors, the street and the bar with such cool bartender, the alderman, the left mayor Richard Daley, the me the elected senator from my staff. I think, it is more, than love to all mankind. Not for nothing pisano: love the neighbor! Than we are also engaged in the neighbourhood and what we wish all.