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Ruben Mamulyan - “LIFE OFF-SCREEN“ of


Ruben Mamulyan (08. 10. 1897, Tiflis - 04. 12. 1987, Los - Andzheles) - American director. director of cult movies “ Applause “ “ City streets “ “ Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde “ “ Zorro`s Sign “. At the end of 1930 - x years it began work on Maurice Brown and Robert Nichols`s play “ Wings over Europe “. Several weeks later Nikola arrived to it. “ I changed your play » a little; - hurried to warn the guest Mamulyan. Nikola asked to show him the play, but in the middle of a performance suddenly jumped, having demanded to take away immediately it on telegraph to tell Brown news. The upset Mamulyan was afraid to look in the text of the telegram made by Nichols, but that insisted. In the first line it was written: “ Mamulyan - genius “.

Elizabeth Taylor long resisted: Cleopatra Egipetskaya`s image frankly frightened her, and the fiasco did not include in the closest plans of the famous actress in any way. The failure could cost it pits. For disposal of this “ historical mission “ she resorted to whims, worthy Cleopatra, - began to lay down to strict producers of the movie conditions which satisfaction promised death to all expensive enterprise. She demanded obviously impossible on her understanding, a thing, including the million fee unprecedented hitherto. Efforts of the actress were vain: all its mad conditions were accepted, and Taylor silently retired to a make-up room. However, to be surprised to such outcome of the bases was not - whimsical Elisabeth “ patronized “ Ruben Mamulyan: to a live legend of the American cinema there was the 65th year.

He was called the Ant: it possessed unique ability to undertake the freight incommensurable to opportunities of the ordinary person. On intrigues of the American film studios - ant hills it baked &ndash pancakes; the first pancakes of the new directions at cinema; turning around in whom, they slid wherever one wishes. However, there was also other opinion: first &ndash pancakes; this most tasty that was ever prepared by the Ant.

George Eastman - inventor of a camera of “Kodak“ - promised Mamulyan a huge salary in case of a consent of the last to move to it to Rochistor, the state New - York; the artistic director opera « was necessary for it; Eastman - » theater;. The thought was prompted to the millionaire by the former leading soloist of the Maryinsky Theater, nowadays the emigrant Vladimir Rozing: “ George, he is a genius, besides Vakhtangov`s pupil! “ Put by the young director - To Mamulyan there was then the 28th year - “ Faust “ Gounod and “ Carmen “ Meringues responded the most powerful a resonance: Gershwin signs with him - “ and only with it! “ - contract for statement of the opera “ Porgi and Bess “.

“ I am not a potboiler and it does not intend to make up white actors under Blacks, - declares to the stunned producers of the Broadway performance “ Porg “ director. - Life of the black has to be them and is played “. This belief voiced by Ruben Mamulyan in 1926 marked opening of a way to black actors on a scene. However, separate finds what, undoubtedly, was the scene of transformation of the inventor which is masterly finished shooting by it “ devilish elixir “ doctor Jekyll in terrible Mr. Hyde - the movie and was called “ Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde “ - the director kept in secret up to 1960 - x years. It will not prevent the actor Frederik Martchu - to the performer of two leading roles - to receive “ Oscar “.

A live symbol of the American cinema, he is able to satisfy vanity and to fill destinies of actors with legendary contents. However, at the same time it is meticulous and scrupulous: Greta Garbo falls into a hysterics from the 100-th double on shootings “ Queen Christina “. Alas, it is necessary to be reconciled: at Mamulyan Marlene Dietrich &ndash already acted; in the movie “ Song song “ - whether also to it to recede? She intends “ to privatize “ director - to make it the: after shootings “ Queens “ couple incognito leaves studio and spends some time in Arizona. “ Mr. Garbo “ - ubiquitous correspondents of the thirtieth years will call so Ruben Mamulyan.
Reflecting on all this, Elizabeth Taylor perfectly realized hopelessness of the further resting especially as through cruel whims she as though already got used to an image of the Egyptian queen. The only thing that guarded the actress locked in a make-up room, - danger to be left by the great director in the middle of film-making process. In search of new ideas Mamulyan often stopped the participation in work. Greta Garbo did not make it “ the “: he still had to remove “ Zorro`s Sign “ and also the best color film of the Venice festival of 1940 - “ Blood and » sand;. The intuition did not bring magic Elisabeth: Mamulyan left “ Cleopatra “ - the final scenario was disgusting. After 1934 it does not dosnimt the most part of the begun movies.

That ill-fated day 1934 even the most sensitive seismographs in the world are not able to be recorded new “ cardiogram “ terrestrial go on. The planet pulsed in the ordinary rhythm and did not allow any other oscillating motions. But this day he is also fated ached to open for itself surprising property of the earth - ability to leave from - under legs. The drunk abyss called him to itself on tea, however he bethought in time: on the edge of a chasm the straw of hope for which great Ruben kept stuck out.

A day before this strange episode the director saw before himself absolutely other picture: boundless field of activity - the real American prairie of arts and a huge haystack on a gentle slope; straws of hope, belief and love composed that stack. Author of the cult movie “ City streets “ - first gangster cinema of an era “ Prohibition “ Ruben Mamulyan was in a zenith of the glory. For statement of the play “ Wings over Europe “ it is called « again; genius “. This time under definition the playwright Robert to Nikola will subscribe already; a day before this strange episode he hopes, trusts and loves.

However, and free America loves the hero: he is treated really kindly by it from legs to the head. Mamulyan by all means has to leave an invention fraught with diplomatic scandal. In 1934 the « company; Subway Goldvin Mayer “ starts the screen version of the movie “ 40 days of the mountain Musa “ according to Franz Werfel`s novel. Great expressionist, which ingenious Franz Kafka - his friend and the compatriot, will call not differently as “ prophet of our generation “ will describe in 1934 heroic self-defense of the Armenian population in days of the Genocide which is carried out by the government of Turkey. Ruben Mamulyan is sure: the movie will become the most important in his life. Lives of the Armenian wanderer from Tiflis, the pupil Vakhtangov and the adorer Pitoyev. Free America will stop shootings... under pressure of Turkey. “ We cannot allow diplomatic scandal “ - the official from State Department was more than is resolute. The company was given, Mamulyan was discharged of shootings, the Turkish ambassador in Washington Myunib Ertegyun expressed gratitude to the American authorities for the made decision. However, this day the planet pulsed in the ordinary rhythm and did not allow any other oscillating motions.

In November, 1959 Mamulyan will leave “ Cleopatra “: after 1934 it does not dosnimt the most part of movies. He will collect cats - on one for each incomplete movie; in their high society also dosnimt the life.

Arys Kazinyan.
of “100 most great Armenians of the XX century“.
Moscow., 2006.