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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on October 20-21? “Seven psychopaths“, etc.

the Russian film distribution is replenished with novelties constantly every Thursday. It is so continued that we do not manage to watch them. Calms only the fact that the most part of debutants do not cost the spent money and time, and rare blockbusters or pearls an art - a house and without special advertizing win admirers.

This week an exception is not, and only confirms the fact that transition of quantity to quality - process dreary and not always productive.

1. “A casino robbery“ (Killing Them Softly, 2012)

the Criminal tape of Andrew Dominica - just a gift to admirers of a genre. As well as the enchanting casting of the movie which collected under the aegis such stars as Brad Pitt, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini (unforgettable Tony Soprano) and Ray Liotta. The picture in the original called as “Killing them it is gentle“, are a slow everyday life of the killer - the investigator employed by mafia whose underground casino was cleaned by some impudent bastards.

Dominique already worked with Pitt over the opus with the vast name “As Coward Robert Ford Killed Jesse James“ and even earned to that a cup of Volpi in Venice, however the Oscar in fact ignored work of the director, having noted the nomination only operator style of Roger Deakins and a supporting male role of the younger brother Ben Affleck, Casey. Dominique without ceremony picturizes literary trash of own composition that, alas, not always comes back a hundredfold. In a case with “A casino robbery“ we have much, it is a lot of talk on life per se, and in the context of the events. And there is not enough action that the movie in a rank of pleasure esthetic, available only chosen and well slept removes.

2. “Seven psychopaths“ (Seven Psychopaths, 2012)

I the new movie of Englishman Martin Makdona (“To go in hiding in Bruges“) is crime too, but already with big sense of humour and measures. Though about what sense of proportion it is possible to speak in the history about three morons who decided to earn additionally theft of domestic dogs? Also imagine, sooner or later the second end of a stick will arrive it in the top of the head, dogs are different - small, big, spiteful or simply … mafia. When on hands at a Trinity (and it is not simply some there untalented persons, and Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell and Sam Rokuell) it appears to shiyets, belonging to the local gangster - to the psychopath (Woody Harrelson), they should do legs urgently.

Makdona is the specialist in a criminal genre. And if its “Bruges“, despite all black humour, was first of all the drama, then here the British has much fun, considerably having inclined to the comedy. The tremendous set of actors will honor any, most star director. The picture is uncommon, deliberately excentric and mad.

3. “Monsters on vacation“ (Hotel Transylvania, 2012)

Russian Genndy Tartakovsky (there is no mistake in a name, Gena works under a plain pseudonym) perfectly got accustomed in Hollywood. “Transylvania hotel“ (domestic film distributors purposely attracted in heading of monsters to nestle sidewise on a hit “Corporation of Monsters“) perfectly swept in the USA and in the world.

In the first full-length animated cartoon of Tartakovsky we will see nothing basic new. Same well recognizable style of computer animation, places confidently flat jokes and invariable 3D. In spite of the fact that the director undertook derision of “gloomy“ characters, like the count Dracula or Frankenstein, to Tim Burton he is not a competitor. But in general an animated cartoon watchable, colourful, though it is silly - naive.

4. “The paranormal phenomenon 4“ (Paranormal Activity, 2012)

The farther, the worse - so in brief it is possible to characterize slow promotion of the franchize of Oren Peli according to sequels. To abuse the producer and the creator of the original, in principle, there is nothing. He will earn in the most not turbid way dollars, using the old, checked by time scheme. Eventually “The paranormal phenomenon“ will naturally choke in continuations and life in the same way, as “Friday, 13 - e“, “Destination“ and “Saw“ will finish. And the capital letter “Ď“ in the Russian name of these long-playing film series - only coincidence.

If history of the first three movies was connected by related bonds of the main characters, then the fourth part is already neighbour`s option, that is authors already also do not know by what side to be stuck to an initial plot. There is no effect of novelty, dialogues are written by the principle “if only something was told“, and akh - fears do not impress any more as earlier. “The paranormal phenomenon“ from curious experiment turned into a fashionable commercial trend that is explainable, and therefore it is boring.

5. “I, Alex Cross-country“ (Alex Cross, 2012)

the Writer James Patterson tirelessly produce novels about the black psychologist Alex Krosse, and Hollywood so artlessly transfers them to a film format. Gary Fleder`s tape “Became first signs kissing girls“ - the low-remarkable thriller which managed to be enriched in hire only through participation of nominal stars - Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd. Four years later Freeman charged the hero Kross in more again - less tolerant tape “Also the Spider Came“. And on it interest in the character died away up to nowadays when from a closet all gets dusty and naphthalin.

Generally Freeman for a long time not the zinger, and producers dreamed to attract to the screen version of one of the last novels of the writer British Idris Elbu. But Elba reasonably refused so “favourable“ offer, having forced authors to invite to this sign role of Tyler Perry - a star vseya afroamerik. Perry is pertinent the same as chocolate here in borsch therefore the main rate of creators is made on Mathew Fox of series “Survive“ who had to play the villain.

By the way, the colleague Patterson from shop - in particular, Stephen King - very low opinion on its best-sellers. But unless you will deceive millions of admirers? Ask Dontsova.

On it detailed analysis passes into a phase of superficial survey because there is a lot of novelties, and the reader`s attention - is not eternal. The young British Jim Fild Smith debuting at cinema the comedy “It Is Too Abrupt for You“ will present on court of the viewer the next ridiculous opus “Like clockwork“ with Jennifer Garner and Olivia Wilde`s participation, colloquial a dramedy about falsities of human relationship. Mix of policy, sex and butter of which heroes of the movie quite successfully make intricate sculptures - a set on the fan of cinema nenapryazhny, with morals and without it.

Persons interested to test an attack of nostalgia can look at the next answer of Bollywood to America - the ambitious fantastic blockbuster “Casual access“ . Full unit of fire of stars (Shakhrukh Khan and Karina Kapoor) and special effects worth 22 million. dollars - in fact, our “Inhabited Island“ with its pink tanks and improbable, but vain desire to reach Hollywood. Echoes of “Terminator“ and “Lawn-mower“ together with serious physiognomies and traditional Indian songs - dances - whether it is an occasion to enjoy others attempts to dress a mainstream?

The native fatherland this week will be presented by two tapes. In - the first, the drama with elements of mysticism and the farce “The last fairy tale of Rita“ as which director and the screenwriter the well-known star Renata Litvinova acts. Actually, all is also told these, a chamber tape with unpredictable dialogues and the plentiful implication eclipsing any rectilinear interpretation of the events on the screen.

In - the second, “Adventurers“ - dreadful hi from the ninetieth when the Russian cinema-men went to holiday abroad, and shot at the same time film, using “exotic“ surroundings in a shot: sea, dollars and suntanned maids. A leading role - at Lera Kudryavtseva that already in itself indicates work level.