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Russian national signs: what they are?

the Russian national signs are the centuries-old experience of the people helping to live, survive and to exist safely in any weather, climatic, family and political conditions. They serve for a prediction of both the next, and remote events which most often come true in life of the Russian person and Russian people in general.

Even many jokes actually are signs.

So, in one of our movies “about war“ one American told: “If KGB speaks - sit down, it is somehow inconvenient to stand!“ Well? Sign in pure form! Or here still: “Met on the street crowd with flags, flowers and posters - by a holiday and if they with sticks and the weapon - to revolution! And if black clouds ran and the thunder rattles - it is precisely by a rain. Get an umbrella quicker!“ Well, and now we will pass to signs.

And first of all - the signs concerning any of us.

Jumped in the morning and put on clothes not that party - you will be beaten. Fast ask somebody from house to knock you on a back. Dins in the right ear - to good news, in left - to bad news. If barley swelled up on an eye, bring to it a fico (it - a fig, a fig) and tell such slander: “Barley, barley, on you a fico that you want, you will buy. Buy the top Orok, cut yourself across“. (Somehow on a break all our course showed me figs; and that you think - barley quickly passed).

The hiccups overcame - someone remembers (yes so badly remembers - that!) . Do not sit on a window sill - you will not marry, do not sit on a threshold - you will get sick. Do not wash head hair before a long journey - you will court trouble (you will wash when you arrive if scratches). If the right palm - to profit, left - to a loss itches. Get up in the morning only from the right leg. From left you will get up - putya will not be. Ears itch - to messages (well, you will receive the letter or that). If presented a purse, and there is no money there - itself put, and the purse always full will be. The black cat stole a march, well, or the man there with an empty bucket - touch wood three times and safely go the own way, everything an order will be.

And what else concerns daily each of us? Correctly, weather! My wife, as will rise from a dream, runs to a window where the thermometer freezes up - to look at weather and temperature behind a board (the benefit, the first floor, and all is visible). You know what meteorologist forecasts the weather better? That which predicts not on devices, and on signs. And why? Yes because on devices it is possible to forecast the weather no more than for 3 days, and on signs - for half a year and more! And here it is important to see what is created around.

For example: there were ear rings on maples - sow beet; violets blossomed - sow carrots and parsley; leaves on a birch were developed completely - it is possible to plant potato (here and there lived our peasants - according to the nature; and now so live). Geese fly highly on spring - there will be many water, is low - the drought is possible. Crows loudly shout and low fly, gather on trees - wait for bad weather. You will hear a thunder in September - means, the fall will be warm. And a late leaf fall - to severe and long winter. The spring will soon come when the sky over the wood turns blue, and trees will become covered with hoarfrost. If you seldom leave the house, even on an aquarium with small fishes it is possible to learn what will be weather. If small fishes float from above, at a water surface - wait for a bad weather. And if they rummage at the bottom, in a sand - there will be good weather.

In ordinary life of the Russian people who are brought up by the Russian grandmothers and grandfathers surrounds a set of signs. And it very much helps those who remembers these signs.

For example, within one day it is impossible to sweep with two different brooms - wealth razmetyosh (and I - that few times so did, and the pension at once came to an end; however, I did repair, and you will not call pension wealth). The garbage cannot be thrown out in the evening - can rob. Washed up hands - wipe, but do not shake a drop - do not produce devils. And here the wolf stole a march - it is fortunately (where you, wolves, hey - at - at!) . Met the man in a cassock - it is trouble! Right there - unscrew a hand in a pocket and a fig, otherwise there will be trouble some. Two girls in one mirror at the same time cannot look, and that will fall in love with the same guy and will suffer. The nightmare dreamed - approach a window and tell three times: “Where night, there and dream“. Decided to sweep garbage in the house - begin from a threshold, but not all riches - you povymett. Ants in the house were got - it is to good. And the fly got to soup - it is even better, wait for a gift (a fly is at the same time not obligatory). To find a horseshoe on the road is fortunately and good luck (only where now - that to take it, more and more autotires roll. However, too it is good to find the tire, it is possible to adapt for a bed). Took in a hand the handle and a sheet of paper - a sign true: wants to write an article to Shkoluzhizni. ru (well, or still where).

And the last: to sneeze - means, to confirm truthfulness of the told words. I sneezed now, and it is not obligatory for you. And good luck, are successful and happy!