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How to be to the man if his girlfriend - not a Muse?

If to the man have the luck to become the creative person, but it managed to live with the woman, to put it mildly, “absolutely - not - the Muse“, then let do not give a sign that it is happy when to it the inspiration comes and at it everything turns out.

Unfortunately, such women (“at all - not - Muses“) never rejoice to progress of the men. Do not rejoice and do not help men. Certainly, do not inspire and do not motivate. Are more and more dissatisfied with something and it is free - involuntarily put a spoke in the wheel of men. Also envy the bad green envy.

Perhaps, it is all about chronic offense which already almost strangled the women who are tired at work and forced to be engaged at the same time also in a household. Or, maybe, matter in mediocrity of women. But, anyway, too the happy type of the creative man appears a frequent reason for quarrels, squabbles and divorce.

Of course, for those who consist in a civil marriage with such “not - Muses“ everything is not so bad and hopeless - women are rather afraid to remain alone. Much worse married officially - for such just right to write out recipes. And the sense attentively is that who else plans joint life to study the following councils.

Council the first: take in the companion of life the nice unemployed or the convinced housewife

I you do not hurry to undersign with it for the REGISTRY OFFICE. Your creative bohemian life and the woman have to correspond each other. And it is better - to select all the woman under the freelancer`s life, but not to cut to pieces the private life under the woman. So the algorithm is rather simple: we arrange ourselves free life, and then we select that which is capable to sustain it.

Council of the second: at once lay down conditions - not to ache and not to ask money

of the Woman not always want sex. And cutlets do not hurry to fry to us too. But money are wanted much and round the clock. Want even more that they had a Man. And that he was an extraordinary, creative person. And therefore it is possible to afford blackmail and threats: “You want to turn sour one in gloomy reality? Go - good riddance! Or sit quietly“.

Council the third: allow it to fuss and be busy about the house

Let spends the energy for lovely trifles: sews - knits - prepares - erases, chronicles the remarkable person (it about you), watches over your health and over your appearance … It is noticed: the more women strive - fuss, do everything, the less at them forces remains on washing of our brains. Also do not forget to keep the wallet around, of course.

Council the fourth: lift the status of the woman - call her the Muse

is not obligatory to call minutes of an attack of tenderness the woman Kiskoy, Lapushka or the Asterisk At all … It went and it is not original. She will not believe. Muse!. Not “muzanikanorovna“ some, and “Muse you mine!“.

In the same night surely fix increase in a rank - whisper several times on an ear, moving in an equal rhythm: “You the most sexual Muse in the world“ … And soon, having heard this nickname where - nibud in a subsoil of kitchen among cups and plates, she right there will cease to grumble and will be engaged in business. Will go about the own business. And you - the.

You remember: the kind word and an orgasm it is possible to achieve bigger, than just kind word. Sexually satisfied woman is weakened and happy with life - she does not overeat and even believes in male perfection.

Council the fifth: always and everywhere do everything in own way!


For a long time not a secret that to grant all desires of the woman harmfully and it is impossible, it is impossible to refuse to it and it is harmful, and therefore it is better to agree with it, but to do everything in own way.

But if the woman outright raged from - for your willfulness, then fast put it in hands something edible and seat where - nibud. From “frustration“ of the woman constantly something is chewed. Here also use it!

All sincere rushes of your Muse are only hormones yes sugar level in blood. Lift sugar, lower adrenaline... Also there will be to you happiness.