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What foot will tell about?

Reflexology of foot are not just new fashionable procedure. It is the special concept of improvement, an individual approach to diagnostics and treatment of various pathologies through a certain impact on foot. This method has thousand-year history, secrets of its use passed from father to son.

Today reflexology is not a prerogative of a narrow circle devoted any more, I will try to open some of its secrets.

History of reflexology contains not one millennium: archeological finds allow to assume that they to foot knew about salutary properties of a touch still in the very ancient time. Modern reflexology - in that form in which it is known now - originates in the 19th century. In the last decades reflexological methods become more and more popular and authoritative both in the east, and in the West.

Today reflexology is widely used as recovery therapy in rehabilitation programs, in cosmetology and SPA - procedures, in home care of children and relatives. Millions of people around the world profit from application of reflexology, thousands of experts use these methods in diagnostics and treatment of various diseases. Especially as today`s reflexology successfully connects thousand-year tradition to modern achievements. whether

Is possible, influencing only foot, to help an organism in general?

foot Reflexology is a system of diagnosis of corporal illnesses and their treatment by means of contact or rendering impact on certain areas of foot which correspond to these or those bodies or systems of an organism.

This science is based on representation that foot is somatopichesky body (from Greek som - a body, a topic - the card). In other words, foot is a peculiar card of a body of the person, and reflex zones of foot are directly connected with concrete internals and fabrics. For example, the thumb of a leg is tied with the head, all fingers together reflect nervous system, and the heel represents a projection of pelvic bodies. Thus, there are areas of a reflex for all internals and even joints.

Influencing reflex zones of foot, it is possible to reduce pain, to reduce stress, to stabilize a power stock of an organism, to improve work of all bodies and systems, to render positive therapeutic effect at some diseases.

But foot is not only “the card of a concrete organism“. It at the same time is also the “working body“ assuming all weight of our body, and not always in optimum conditions.

Fortunately, our feet “are surprisingly sympathetic“ and incredibly quickly respond to various manipulations. Curative impact on an organism during the work with foot almost instant. For this reason reflexologists are sure that foot opens ample opportunities for diagnostics and treatment of both physical, and emotional states. Ability “to read out“ information from foot is of great value not only in the interpersonal relations, but also in diagnostics and prevention of various diseases.

of the Touch: healing and care

Reflexology are first of all tactile contact, an opportunity to understand other person without words, to feel his mood, with high degree of reliability to estimate its emotional condition. The pleasant touch is always connected with feeling of comfort and a positive spirit, it also influences physical health.

There is a set of the researches confirming positive impact of tactile contact. Their considerable part was collected by Ashley Montague in the work “Touch“ (1986) which became classical in which it is analyzed how the touch influences physical human health of all age, since birth.

The touch is especially important to children. It transfers tenderness and care, installs feeling of own importance and gives a positive spirit. A necessary condition for the kid to grow the healthy and harmoniously developed person, - tender touches in the necessary quantities from the loved one.

Researches show that children whom touch more often have higher ability to a survival, than those who are deprived of such contact.