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Adrenaline is necessary? We do everyday life bright! Tell

whether dinned at you in the ears from rage? Or perhaps at a fright darkened in eyes? And whether the feeling of a shiver in hands in an anticipation of the first kiss is familiar to you? Such different emotions! They were tested by each of us. However not all know that at these feelings one source - adrenaline.

Why to us adrenaline

Roots of process of production of adrenaline grow from those times when our primogenitors only began to turn into the homo sapiens. Danger pursued our ancestor everywhere, and the climate was extremely adverse. All who sought to survive had to gain ability to adaptation. Therefore in an organism adaptation hormones, one of them - adrenaline appeared. If danger to life was not, he had not an effect. As soon as there was a threat, adrenaline brought an organism to an alert.

Our way of life it is incomparable more safely, than at the primitive person. Today emission of adrenaline is not a survival condition. However a large number of modern people does not represent the life without regular portions of an extreme.

The reason of this need for thrills is simple. The modern person is more often subject to long-term psychological stresses, but not short physical as our far ancestor. If the last was attacked by a predator or the enemy, the ancient person either ran away, or perished, or won. Having survived, he felt triumph. The person turned from negative emotion of a stress into positive emotion of the winner.

For the sake of this feeling of a victory, for the sake of happiness to feel as the winner modern people and seek to create a situation of a short physical stress artificially. the Secret of bright life to

If your life lacks

emotions or you just were tired of daily cares:

Be engaged in extreme sports. Parachute jumps and occupations by mountaineering, races and diving will present you surge in emotions which will be remembered well. The main thing, remember safety measures!

Active recreation - one more source of bright impressions. Go to extreme travel on the woods of Amazon, conquer the Siberian steppes, be alloyed on kayaks - the mass of unforgettable impressions is guaranteed to you.

Sex - most pleasant “supplier“ of adrenaline. However that sex excited blood, sometimes it is necessary to show the imagination and courage. If you are excited by violation of the rules, add an extreme to your relations. It can go on nature sex, in a bathtub, the pool - what there will be enough imagination for. Only remember about health, otherwise consequences can be too extreme! Each person himself chooses by

a way to experience bright emotions. Also each of us has a certain norm of thrills. If to receive less it, it is possible “to be depressed“.

But also excess of this norm can lead to sad consequences … Is good

- moderately!

such concept - “the adrenalinic addict“ Is. It is about the person at whom the need for thrills became so insuperable that it can be compared to drug addiction. Such “addict“ needs adrenaline both psychologically, and physically unless does not test “withdrawal pains“.

As well as narcotic, adrenalinic dependence threatens with a number of problems :

Physiological : problems warmly - vascular system, risk of dangerous injuries, violations in work of a vestibular mechanism, decrease in amount of calcium and other substances, important for an organism.

Psychological : a priority of receiving thrills over other values, nervous exhaustion, change of the personality. Therefore do not forget

that hunting behind adrenaline - business thin. Treat reasonably search of thrills, otherwise there is a chance instead of bright emotions to find adventures on one place!