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Halloween - horrors or candies? From notes about life of modern America of

Americans very much love the holidays. (However who does not love them?) And in spite of the fact that Halloween is not the official day off, all this a holiday - national, more precisely even multinational. Very many with pleasure dress up and eat candies.

Thus, for parents Halloween turns into a festival of “horrors and candies“. And not so much because straaashno but because terribly is a lot of sweet : parents become the monsters who are throwing out bags of candies and chocolates in garbage (how many it is possible to guzzle - that!) and their children - monstrishcham, especially if the amount of the absorbed sweets is practically compared to the child`s weight.

So Americans in this wonderful (and a little strange) do a holiday? Whether also all do same? Let`s try to understand. We will especially not press in history, it is already everyone can read. Let`s tell only the most important - that history of this holiday, its traditions are the same hot mix of different cultures and religions, as well as America. So it is quite logical that Halloween in America got accustomed.

We will begin with the fact that not everyone celebrates this holiday. Some do not consider it as a holiday, some do not note for the religious reasons, and for some it just any children`s madness of which it is necessary to steer clear. Well, as they say, each to their own, and to children - candies. Therefore we will tell about those who eat candies (that is notes).

Yes, approach of Halloween in America is noticeable by sale of candies in shops. Of course, in shops and so it is always full of some candies. But at the end of September - the beginning of October (also it seems that every year earlier and earlier) candies - chocolates and millions of various sweets are transferred to the separate show-windows which are usually located directly at an entrance. Or exit. That the potential buyer did not run away from candies. And here you enter into shop - and in eyes to you gloss of wrappers, candies in the form of snakes, spiders, cakes - ghosts and other sweets - evil spirits. Definitely soon Halloween. (If you do not know for what candy, I still will tell about it.)

Streets of the small cities (with which I am familiar) as if turn into studios for statement of the horror film: that is you understand that all not the present, but it is obvious if to turn off the light and to tell “motor“, dead persons will get. The same treats also suburbs of big cities, places where people live in houses, but not in apartments. People hang up decorative spiders on windows and walls of houses, in the yards put “sepulchral crosses“, houses protect witches and ghosts, hands - legs - the heads of dead persons from - under a porch stick out...

And “the dead with braids stand...“ is though not from here, but to itself it is quite actual. Some especially keen companions include “backing track“: for example, you pass by the house, and there the wolf raised a howl, or the witch began to roar (quite so because not clearly that from where growls). Everything, certainly, is bought in the next shop together with candies. Even special “web“ - something like strongly stretching cotton wool which can be stretched both inside and outside is on sale, and it is really very similar to a web.

Candies - are, spiders - are. Now pumpkins are necessary. The whole event - to go on the farm / market, to gather pumpkins, multi-colored and raznorazmerny and to decorate with them the house. It is possible to cut out on them “Jack - o` - lanterns“ - terrible or ridiculous (it as will turn out) physiognomies with a candle inside. For such handymen as I, am pictures according to which they can be cut out, very simply and funny.

Well and, of course, suits. My children decided to be the witch and the knight, well so, for a change, and that we had all the time of the fairy and kings. Suits get everything by opportunities and desires: someone does itself, someone buys in shop or on the Internet, and someone just puts on a pajamas and makes up eyebrows - and it is already terrible!

At schools do parade of suits (something it very much reminds me a summer camp), sometimes choose the most interesting, sometimes just allow all will dress up 31 numbers. And here little witches, monsters, supermen, proteins, hares - and in general all that can only be thought up, - is also diligent (at least, on it hope), zealously cram multiplication tables, read aloud and write “Yes - yot to - ro - va mo - lo - to“. Only in English.

And in the evening on October 31 these children, with parents and without, go on houses and ask candies with words: “Trick or treat!“ what it is possible to translate approximately as: “You will not give some pie - a cow for horns!“ (By the way, in Russia there was a similar tradition too. Remember ours carol-singing when the youth went on the village, sang songs to owners, wished them any benefit, and they for it were lured different delicacies.) And “children“ are a broad category: of few months - and years so to - dtsat. For teenagers and students (especially students) it is a high time to organize parties, but it now and is popular in Russia.

For the sake of this evening all are also overstocked with goods in shops by candy kilograms: the person 30 can come to one evening, and maybe nobody comes as it will turn out. But it is better to make secure though somebody yes will come. Especially if your footpath to the house is decorated goryashche - the speaking skulls (oh yes there is also it).

There is, however, such unspoken rule: if the house is not decorated and on a porch light does not burn, means these people do not celebrate a holiday - read: candies will not be given - and therefore you should not call at a door. Even if they houses. Or perhaps they just want to eat all the candies. Some especially generous, but lazy just expose a basin with sweets on a threshold with a note - a pier, take how many want, only leave alone, for God`s sake! And everyone will approach, take several pieces and to leave to the following.

Well, and after hunting for candies - to watch horror films that else? Just right, then all night long not to sleep and be frightened. And the remains of candies - for work, to faithful secretaries and hungry students. Or to favourite chiefs. To whom what is closer.

So yes, it is certain - both horror, and candies. And official beginning of a season of a winter obzhiralovka: if Halloween, then soon Thanksgiving Day, then Christmas, New Year... and there no distance till Easter, and till the Independence Day nearby... Let`s consider a season open!