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What does “the reasonable vyzhivalshchik“ carry with himself?

the Survival now - a fashionable subject. In general, not from scratch. The local conflicts, technogenic accidents and just all accidents force to think of safety. Even the special type of the “vyzhivalshchik“ who is actively preparing for any approach of extreme situations is formed.

It is natural, it often reaches to the point of absurdity - especially if classical office workers are fond of “survival“. About trainings and obtaining practical skills the speech, as a rule, does not go, but the quite good income allows to acquire “necessary“ equipment in a large number. Then “vyzhivalshchik“ keeps on a set of equipment of the house, in the car, and “the most necessary“ carries at itself waiting for global or at least local cataclysm. Everything that the played imagination will prompt can enter this set: from fishing hooks to a gas mask and field radio station.

But joking aside! If not to reach to the point of absurdity, and to put mind, safety does not happen much. The main thing - not to give to constructive idea to develop into obsession. Let`s concern only one aspect of a problem: “set of a vyzhivalshchik“, constantly wearable just in case at.

Such set has to be:

1) useful in emergency (not necessarily extreme, but just household) situations;

2) convenient in carrying.

From weight “the most necessary“, dragged by “vyzhivalshchik“, I tried to select the minimum which is not turning the person into a walking warehouse. Let`s look what enters it.

Penknife, or multitul. Being the universal tool, rushes always. The knife has to have: edges usual and serreytorny, screw-drivers, corkscrew, passatizh, nippers, pricker, file, cullet... Further at will. Naturally, everything has to be qualitative and working.

“The knife for self-defense“ - rushes those who consider themselves capable to use it. Normal people will have enough edge in the multitul.

the Lighter (some carry on couple of lighters, knives, phones, lamps...) .

the Counter with a name, the address, a blood type, phone of relatives.

Matches in a waterproof packing.

On couple of sewing needles with in advance passed threads and safety pins.

Instant (and rubber) glue.

the Small lamp, is better metal (it - a palmar stick, means of self-defense).

Phone - a thing universal. Here not frills, but reliability are important. But it is good if in it there are a navigator and a lamp.

the Set zapasnykhbatareek for a lamp and accumulators for phone.

Insulating tape or adhesive tape (small hank).

Small tweezers, better magnetized. It is useful also for extraction of a splinter, and for manipulations with fine metal details.

Couple of meters of a thin and strong cord (it is possible to carry it in the form of a bracelet or a cord for a medallion).

Wet towel wipes.

Condom. It is used not only directly (though everyone happens and the protectant happens useful), but also as a fine waterproof packing.

Disposable raincoat.

Pen or pencil.

Small sum of money.

not spoiling food “on having a snack“: chocolate, nuts, candied fruits or crackers. It is especially important to have a dry ration to the people having gastritis or stomach ulcer.

Also should have at itself the minimum set of medical means , including: a plaster, antiseptics (iodine, diamond green (both are issued in the form of markers), alcohol), hypothermal packages.

From drugs surely have to be present at a set: absorbent carbon; liquid ammonia; nitroglycerine; the antidiareyny, antatsidny, anesthetizing, spazmolitichesky, febrifugal, antihistaminic means; antibiotics for the internal and external use. People skilled also recommend to have in a pocket several pieces of sugar as a source of fast carbohydrates and caffeine in tablets.

I will not make bold to recommend concrete drugs, besides some (the same anesthetics) act very individually. The main thing, the circle of preparations which should be had at themselves constantly is outlined. Further - according to individual indications. And also to contraindications.

It is worth to remember that the similar set rushes for a quick help to itself and people around “for all occasions“, and at all not for a long-term survival in global cataclysm. It is packed so that to occupy a place minimum. Knives, lamps, lighters can be placed separately - for example, on a belt, in pockets or a bag. It is possible just to put on a knife / lighter in pockets of all the jackets or bags. Try to group all the rest in one case or a cover which it will be constant at you. Not necessarily in a pocket, it is possible also in a bag. In principle, the similar set normally keeps within a man purse or a cartridge pouch. And here it is better to have the individual first-aid kit additional, constantly wearable in a pocket.

Still I would always recommend to have at myself at least a small bottle of water. And just on a case of strong thirst both to wash down a tablet and to rinse hands. And of course, the structure of a wearable set is corrected depending on concrete circumstances. For example, if you often come back on the night city, it is always worth having in a pocket a pepper barrel. And going to the wood, to pertinently add a set with dry fuel, the Hunter`s Signal device (which can be fastened to a bunch of keys in quality a brelka) and a tourist chain saw. It is useful to traveler to include keys of the conductor in a set.

Generally, less paranoia there is more common sense! As Jerome K. Jerome`s heroes spoke, “it is necessary to think not of those things which we as - nibud will manage, but about without what in any way not to do us“.