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You are disturbed by a condition of your person? Receive the simple recipe from spots of

I Will share with you the recipe. Very simple and effective. It will help with fight against spots on the face, both to girls and young men - teenagers, and women of more mature age.

But at first I will tell a little about why this recipe was necessary for me and where I found it. I hope that my bitter experience will serve somebody as a lesson.

Business was at the beginning of 2000 - x years. You remember, at that time advertizing on television? The careful mother washing the child`s hands with antibacterial Safeguard soap did not descend from the screen. Promised us protection against bacteria and microbes and advised to use it every day. And so, by the nonsense, I fell a victim of this advertizing.

Honestly implementing all recommendations, I carefully washed not only hands, but also a face. And noticed soon that my dry skin does not want to thank me for such leaving. On a face small red heat-spots began to develop. And I was not at teenage age any more, and even at that time I had no such problems.

Once again, having seen in a mirror on the face these opposite red bugorochka, I strongly was upset. It was necessary to do something. Magazines about health, medical brochures, various women`s magazines were put to use.

In - the first, I understood that it is impossible to use antibacterial face soap, so often, categorically. I broke a protective layer of skin and received the return result. My poor person was attacked by invisible microbes. Since then, by the way, I do not use face soap at all. And my thin dry skin is grateful to me.

In - the second as I already spoke, having rummaged a heap of different literature, about a healthy lifestyle found very simple recipe in one newspaper. Thanks to this kind person, his council helped me to put the face in order. Now the small bottle with this liquid always costs at me in a bathtub and helps not only me, but also my sons.

So, this fine recipe.

We take one crude egg, we break it and we separate a yolk from protein. We need protein. We pour out it in a small cup and, constantly shaking up, we add 2 - 3 drops of iodine. Then, carefully stirring, we add 100 g of vodka or the diluted alcohol. At compound of protein with alcohol, protein is turned by flakes therefore, the received mix, a modulation in a small bottle with not narrow neck, it is good - it is shaken well up. Means is ready.

When you will use, let you be not confused by small white flakes. That they were not carried on the person, I, pouring out means on a cotton wool layer, I cover with a thin layer of the same cotton wool it and quietly I wipe a face.

Believe, helps perfectly.

Besides, I noticed that even my very dry skin is not pulled together after processing, and pleasantly is refreshed, especially in the summer.

Naturally, I advised this recipe to girlfriends who are very happy too. Literally the other day the acquaintance called and asked to remind it. Once it already helped it, but she lost the records.

I use this recipe more than six years.

And some more recommendations. If opposite heat-spots strongly disturb you, then can wipe a face 3 times a day. The final result will be in 1 - 2 weeks though improvements will appear for the third day. Further, for prevention, it is possible to wipe the person 1 - 2 times a day or as required.

Personally I did not touch the treasured small bottle for a long time. There is no need, thank God.