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How to open the small business in the USA? Personal experience of

They say that for the immigrant his English in the USA is not specialty: it in this country already on a default at everyone. And for the immigrant it simply necessary dowry for employment on the specialty. Here also it turns out that the philologist with English just has no chances to be employed on a profile.

... The person I is especially unincorporated. To me the thought is impossible to work for someone and to suffer over itself at least one chief. Having worked (and having become skilled) some time as the translator on hiring in immigration legal profession, I gradually stuck together for myself an impressive image of my future field of activity - perevodchesko - consulting business with a bias in the immigration legislation.

Yes, English not specialty. But I have 4 more languages. And here they can just be specialty. Yes, I am not a lawyer and I have no right to practice legal services. But it is correct to fill all pieces of paper, forms and legal documents I quite can without breaking the law: I do not give consultations on treatment of the legislation, and only to consultation (or straight lines) services in filling of legal documents. That it is necessary for me still, so it to receive in addition the license of the notary for firmer legalization of the business.

So, it is conceived - made.
first step . There are a notary I here so: I go to the city hall, to department of a notariate: I fill in the application form, I receive the brochure for studying of the law of the state on an operating procedure by the notary, I pay 40 dollars of an insurance of the license from a notarial mistake (i.e. what I heaped up incorrectly and whatever damage it had, I am already covered from penalties and prosecutions with the insurance policy), I pay 50 more dollars for the license, the nominal stamp and the press of the notary. While the application is considered regarding my reliability and capacity, I by easy stages study the brochure - pages 10 - 15. The term of expectation of the license of the notary is determined till 30 days. I really received for a week. But it and not to a spekh was - business - that there is no yet.

It will be a step of the second , parallel. Right there I submit the application for opening of own small business to the city halls. For this purpose I need the legal address. It is a step the third . I conclude the contract for a year for small office with service premises. Time - 10 minutes.

When I on hands already have a contract under the address, it is required to give this business the name and officially to stake out it. For this purpose right there, in the city hall, there is a department of registration of names (Assumed Names Department). It is also required to it the legal address. For what?

The matter is that within a month I at own expense have to publish 4 times in any city newspaper the following announcement: the city is notified that business under the name “Translations Plus“ by the citizen Laura Li in the form of limited private business (that means only one hired worker except me, the hostess) on it - that to the legal address opens.

By these publications it is as if reported to of urbis et orbis that the name “Translations Plus“ is already taken and staked out by me, and I will judge everyone who will take in head to use my trade mark. It the step the fourth was executed by : term - month.

When I bring 4 cuttings from the newspaper (and the newspaper sends them upon termination of the publication to me home), I receive “good“ and I pass into other door of the city hall: department of obtaining the license and number business - the taxpayer. It was the step the fifth . Time - 15 minutes. Everything, business is open.

Everything that I described above, occurred many years back when still all procedure was not put on an electronic basis. Now all this procedure (perhaps, only except the choice of office under business - here it is necessary to tear off the back from a sofa and legs to descend somewhere) happens electronically, payment through PayPal or a credit card, and dispatch material business - tools (the press, the license) - by mail. It is considered that (if not to take a waiting time of publications) opening of a simple form of small business should not take more than 15 minutes the person. And now so it also is.

And further it is all about clients. And it is my the last step: advertizing , presentations and once again advertizing. Here money begins to talk. It is necessary to advertize in the American, Russian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian mass media with the fullest transfer of services, it is necessary to act on ethnic radio, it is necessary to order and extend flyers on all ethnic businesses since the Russian epicures finishing courts, police, prisons and FBI.

It is necessary to fight for an exclusive right of the fixed translator in the state organizations, private travel companies accepting visitors from the CIS it is necessary to break as the axe into oil in all city hospitals to become their fixed telephone translator: and for this purpose I have also a medical education that gives me fine chance to eat and force out all my competitors. It is necessary that people remembered my phone number by heart!

It is necessary to think up something like that … a magnetic calendar with advertizing of my business, a pen with my logo and phone, an undershirt, “armpit“ under a mouse, the website is necessary, advertizing - an extension in the Russian or Ukrainian area is necessary. And money, money, money … to begin to earn money.

It is considered that it is normal when the first year of small business passed on zero. I was not one in the city and I, of course, foreknew all quotations on all services in the city. To beat down the price of competitors it is considered dishonourable and stupid in a business community. Therefore I established the price scale at the adequate level. But I could bypass competitors only quality of work.

If they printed the translations on simple white paper, then I carried out them on stamp, in a beautiful frame, with the gold self-adhesive press, with the logo which is squeezed out by an embosser, in the color press. If they did in one copy, then I made three copies of it at once and assured them notarially if they took by the piece, then at the order of three documents I did the fourth free of charge. Besides, my clients everything received gifts (the same pens, calendar cards), and for holidays personal congratulations by mail.

During the work with the state and private large companies I always allowed a discount under a guarantee of transfer of the following order of my company. As a result from second month of work my business began to bring in the income. By the end of the year I already had to lower turns - the income began to exceed critical line behind which the business taxation considerably increased and such money became unprofitable.

Whether it was necessary to work much? Katorzhno! But not money for the sake of: it was important to come to the first line in the city and to stay on it several years. And here paradox: it brought good money in which there was no initial need any more. Only business, prestige and reputation was important. When these objectives were achieved, I reduced turns so that itself defined how many orders I want and I can make not in a pressure and how many to give to earn to third-party freelancers.

When time for pension came I did not begin to sell the profitable business: did not want that the new unfair owner something could discredit a name of my company. I just curtailed affairs - let so far will lie down curtailed. Perhaps my children or grandsons will want to continue family business.