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Menu of well-known “Griboyedov“. Let`s prepare?

As tasty and invitingly were written by M. Bulgakov about those dishes which moved on the first floor of the griboyedovsky house where restaurant MASSOLITA was located! What treated heroes of the novel “Master and Margarita“? Whether not to try to prepare for us these dishes? “Archibald Archibaldovich whispered

to me today that there will be portion sudachka and natyurel . Masterly piece!“ we Will prepare

? For a start we will cut - we will plane a celery root, a parsley root, we will put in a pan, we will add peppercorn, bay leaf, we will fill in with water and we will boil. In the water boiling on small fire we will put portion pieces of a pike perch and we will boil to readiness. Water should not be much, only that covered fish. While fish cooks, we will pound a boiled yolk with olive oil, juice of a lemon and a pinch of icing sugar to uniformity. Ready pike perch we will spread out on plates, we will water with the turned-out sauce and we will decorate with a lemon.

“And a sterlet, a sterlet in a silvery saucepan, a sterlet the pieces shifted by crayfish tails and fresh caviar ?“

we Will boil a sterlet in a small amount of water with black pepper and bay leaf, we will separately weld crayfish with addition of fennel and sour cream, we will clear. A portion plate we will cover leaves green salad, we will lay pieces of a sterlet mixed up with crayfish tails there, we will water with juice of a lemon and we will decorate with a circle of boiled egg and a spoon of red caviar.

“And of egg - kokott with shampinyonovy mashed potatoes in cups?“ needs to take

For this dish eggs and mushrooms concerning 1:1. So, we will cut a bulb, we will fry it on butter, we will add small cut mushrooms, we will fry to readiness. Let`s add a little flour, salts and ground pepper, we will carefully stir and we will add several spoons of dense cream that it turned out slightly more densely than sour cream. Let`s add grated cheese and ground crackers (1:1), we will mix. Let`s pour out mashed potatoes in the cocotte which is generously greased with butter (to a zhyulyenniyets, a loaf pan, as a last resort), we will let out from above egg and we will bake in an oven to readiness of egg.

“And in July when all family at the dacha, and urgent literary matters keep you in the city, - on a verandah, in a shadow of the curling grapes, in a gold spot on the purest cloth a plateau of soup - a prentanyer ?“

we Will cook beef broth. Let`s take out and will cut meat. Let`s boil in broth grated - the chopped carrots, a parsley root, a root of a celery and turnip. Separately from each other in the added some salt water we will boil green beans, haricot and peas, an asparagus and a cauliflower. We cut an asparagus and a cauliflower on pieces. Let`s lay out in the warmed-up tureen vegetables, after - meat, we will fill in with the broth filtered several times.

“Somewhere in a loud-hailer the voice ordered: “Karsky time! Zubrik two! Handsprings gospodarsky !!““

we Will weld 3 l of broth from beef bones. In half of broth 3 hours we cook a beef hem. In the second half we will boil korenye to taste. The hem is taken out, we cut, we sprinkle with flour, we fry in butter. We put a hem and korenye in a pot or a fire-resistant bowl, we fill in with broth, we weary in an oven half an hour.

“Really not to vanish to chicken cutlets - drag ?“ They are cutlets on - Kiev.

We chop greens to taste, we mix with the softened butter, lemon juice, salt and pepper, we cool. Still, on the contrary, we kindle oil. Let`s freeze and will grate white long loaf. We will beat off chicken breasts without thin skin. We put a piece of the cooled-down oil on a breast, we turn, we dip in melted butter, we bread in flour, again - in oil and it is plentifully dragged in grain shaving. We fry 10-12 minutes in hot fan or a deep frying pan with the heated oil.

“To what I will treat? Balychok I have special... at architect congress tore off...“

Fish fillet we season with salt and we stack under oppression. In two days we interchange the position of the lower layers with top. In two days we soak fillet, changing water every day, within a week, later we hang out fillet on the place blown by wind under sunshine. Balychok is ready in a month.

“Fileychik from a hazel grouse I can treat with , - Archibald Archibaldovich musically purred“. we beat off

of Fillet of a hazel grouse very carefully, we dip in melted butter, we bread in flour and we fry. We give with the baked potatoes and fresh vegetables.

“The fiction writer Petrakov having dinner behind the next little table - the Hot dry wind with the spouse who was eating up a pork cutlet , with observation peculiar to all writers noticed Archibald Archibaldovich`s courtings and very much was surprised“. Pieces of low-fat pork or veal we beat off

, we salt, we pepper, we bread in flour and we fry. We put in deep ware. In the same frying pan where fried meat, we brown onions and we fry fresh champignons. Later we send them to meat. In a frying pan we put couple of spoons of tomato sauce, we fill in with dry wine, we bring to boiling. We fill in meat with mushrooms and we extinguish on the smallest fire to readiness of meat and evaporation of excess liquid.

I think, we it is not worse than members MASSOLITA and we can prepare for ourselves and the family these magnificent dishes.