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How to treat dreams and prophetic dreams?

the Dream - a state at which the brain of the person continues to work in a particular treatment. The consciousness which in the awake state seeks to control everything is temporarily disconnected. Subconsciousness receives reins of government and can have a rest, be cleared, renew energy stocks. can be shown by

of Emotion which we considered undesirable to ourselves and tried to suppress in plots of dreams. Events of day which were missed by consciousness as insignificant are again scrolled and analyzed by wiser part of our mentality. That we will dream - in many respects about result of this analysis.

the Dream about what already was

If dreamed you easily recognizable events of yesterday, so your subconsciousness did not find more serious subject for display in a dream. It is an excellent sign that in an inner world all in a full order.

The same treats events older, however also easily recognizable. Such dreams come when subconsciousness wants to express something, for example, to learn some vital lesson. It takes really endured events or real familiar people to carry out the necessary associative communications.

It is the simplest to interpret dreams in which acquaintances from reality elements appear: it is enough to answer himself a question what this place, the person, a situation is associated at you with. It is not so easy to make it, apparently, especially as in a dream elements of reality are mixed, and their combination bears special sense.

the Nightmare

the Strong emotions experienced in a dream are reflection anyway of the quashed feelings. Most often it is, of course, about nightmares. The fear, panic and helplessness always have communication with a real problem, whether it be a life situation, psychological difficulty or violations at the level of a physical body. It is not necessary to be frightened the nightmares if only they are not too persistent. In such a way subconsciousness “exhausts“, reduces internal pressure, removes stress.

Pay attention to frequency with which the same plot or experience in a dream appears. With often repeating nightmare (once a week or is more often) it is necessary to descend to the expert: subconsciousness persistently tries to send an alarm signal!

Physical feelings in a dream

of People most often does not feel the body in a dream, but continues to be with it in close contact. Therefore pay the closest attention to dreams where you felt strong physical feelings. It can be a signal of the beginning of a physical disease. For example, if in a dream some part of a body was burned down by fire, it is worth checking it for the hidden inflammatory process.

However if feelings pleasant - for example, feeling of flight or sexual excitement, it is possible not to worry, and with pleasure to remember. Most likely, some type of energy at you appeared much, and the organism dumps it the easiest way.

the Dream about what will be

So-called prophetic dreams happen several types. The first and the most frequent is the same consequence of work of subconsciousness, as well as all other dreams. For example, subconsciousness analysed events of the last days and drew a conclusion that you are going to be dismissed. At the level of consciousness you noticed nothing, only saw about it a dream for some time before you and the truth were dismissed.

Some people have dreams about future events which have no relation to their private life. For example, dream the person - and meet this person next day. Or events which will happen to someone from their acquaintances dream. To explain such coincidence only with observation quite difficult. Material for these dreams gets to our subconsciousness from collective unconscious which forms a layer between physical and the so-called thin worlds. In other words, such dreams are manifestations of spontaneous clairvoyance. It is necessary to show consideration for them, but without agiotage. Most often all of you equally will be able to undertake nothing for prevention or attraction of an event which was seen.

The third and most rare species - dreams - prophecies. This message which came directly from the thin world, from the highest spheres.

Such dreams - inspirations, dreams - messages come very seldom, to ordinary people - time - two to lives. They are easily recognized by the special brightness and the fact that after awakening all what was seen is not forgotten, each detail tightly imprints in memory. There is a legend that in such dream Mendeleyev saw the table.

If you think that you saw a dream - the message if its contents gloomy and heavy, it is worth lighting immediately a candle and to say a prayer. It is the most reliable way to change the hung hard lot. After long reading a prayer if there did not come sense of relief, it is worth addressing the priest of that religion in which you most of all trust and to ask to pray for you.

There are things in the world besides us and our subconsciousness, and it is worth to remember about it.