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And you attended to arrangement of the house?

the Kitchen Yard Company, caring for the clients, decided to please them with a new POWERFUL action.

Time to talk about the main thing came! Finally and irrevocably there came the fall. So now each of us especially wants to feel heat of the house, to try tasty hot tea or coffee pie.
For those who seriously attended to a question of arrangement of the house and wants to please itself and the relatives new kitchen the Kitchen Yard company submits new really powerful stock. In the fall of 2012 in all salons of the Kitchen Yard company upon purchase of complete kitchen - a table-top from an artificial stone as a gift. * This offer really very valuable and useful present, the high-quality stone table-top makes nearly a half of the financial expenses connected with arrangement of kitchen.
“Today by right deserved a table-top from an artificial stone a rank of a hit of sales! This type of table-tops consists of the strong and durable material consisting of natural quartz with addition of pigments and pure acrylic polymer. Stone table-tops possess the highest consumer qualities: crash-worthiness, heat resistance (maintain temperatures to 180C), moisture resistance, environmental friendliness, resistance to fading of drawing and scratches and is perfectly ground in house conditions. - the area manager of innovations of the Kitchen Yard company Irina Kakhayeva speaks. - Besides, the rich color palette and an opportunity to create table-tops of any sizes and forms allow to realize any design imagination“.
can Become the participant of the Powerful action each client who issued the order for complete kitchen in one of the company salons of the Kitchen Yard company located in Moscow, the Moscow region and Ryazan. It is possible to take advantage of unique offers, having issued the order till October 31, 2012.
Fashionable and refined models of complete kitchens of the Kitchen Yard company - the present of ornament for each house, stone table-tops - the important esthetic and functional component turning process of cooking into a sheer pleasure. So, useful gifts and big discounts - excellent addition to very pleasant and responsible process of arrangement of kitchen.
* Details of the stock “Table-top from a Stone as a Gift“ can be learned on the website www. kuxni. net, and also at managers - consultants in company salons “Kitchen Yard“