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How to prepare nutritious masks for a decollete zone?

Action of masks are various: they feed, soften, smooth, strengthen, degrease, bleach and tone up Depending on what ingredients are a part of a mask, with its help it is possible to remove irritation or to clear face skin, hands or a decollete.

how to prepare nutritious masks for a decollete zone, is told a little. In principle, it is clear. Until recently I found for this zone not enough time too. The matter is that to use a mask for this zone, it is necessary to have special clothes (the open sundress or a topic, will approach also a wide towel with which it is possible to be wound). To apply a mask on a zone of a decollete not really conveniently, but it is necessary. Depends on the correct leaving, how long you will be able to keep the fine forms.

Thinking how to prepare nutritious masks for a decollete zone, it is impossible to forget that ingredients have to be fresh, and it is necessary to select them proceeding from type of the skin. Masks for a decollete zone right after acceptance of a bathtub or a shower are especially effective. From influence of steam of a time reveal and skin receives more useful substances. During imposing of a mask it is better to lie down and relax that skin of a decollete was in a motionless state. To put a mask conveniently for a sponge, a brush for a make-up, sponzhiky or just with a hand (that the smaller quantity of means will demand).

If you have a dry or normal skin, it is possible to prepare a nutritious mask for a decollete zone from cottage cheese, olive oil, carrot puree and milk. Mix products in equal shares and carefully shake up weight. Apply the received mask on a decollete zone and leave for 15 minutes. After removal of a mask make at first a cold compress, then hot and again cold. It is necessary to hold a compress about a minute. Contrast compresses perfectly tone up skin.

It is possible to prepare a nutritious mask from berry juice (or mashed potatoes). It is required to you: 100 grams of berries of strawberry, 1 tablespoon of the crushed oat flakes (or oatmeal), 1,5 teaspoons of lanolin (is on sale where all offer for production of soap). On a water bath dissolve lanolin and add porridge. Shake up mix before receiving homogeneous mass, and then enter strawberry juice (or strawberry puree). Apply on skin of a decollete and take about 20 minutes.

Now a couple of words how to prepare nutritious masks for a decollete zone for those who have a fat skin. Take crude egg white, add a honey tablespoon, as much oatmeal and a half of a teaspoon of peach oil. Mix all components (it is not necessary to shake up) and apply a mask on a decollete zone. In 15 minutes remove at first the warm wet towel wipes then cold.

It is possible to use ready industrial masks and creams for a decollete zone, and it is possible to improve them a little bit. Take a tablespoon of fat cottage cheese and add to it a spoon of ready nutritious cream. Apply this mix on a decollete zone (it is possible also on face skin). In 20 minutes wash away a mask at first warm, and then cool water.

What gives age of the woman? Of course, skin in the field of a decollete. Skin here thin and gentle therefore this zone needs special leaving. Leaving options a set therefore excuses, type nothing helps me, are only excuses. There would be a desire, and opportunities to become beautiful and to keep youth a set - both cheap, and expensive.