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How to develop female intuition?

Are logic female, is - man`s why then if it is about intuition, then by all means about female? Unless men do not have it? Is! But to men somehow a lack of time to pay attention to what there broadcasts an internal voice, besides at the majority of them the woman who, if something happens, will warn and will warn is near.

In ancient centuries of women at which the intuition was especially developed was ranked as sorcerers. Fortunately, now owners of well developed “sixth sense“ cannot be afraid for the life. And, as the inquisitorial fire remained far in the past, and to avoid mistakes, being guided by the fact that prompts an internal voice, it is much simpler, than to correct them, the question of how to develop female intuition, is very interesting from the point of view of practical application.

What is intuition? Definition to this concept was given by Kant and Goethe, Descartes and Jung, Socrates and Spinoza. The term is translated from Latin as “look“. It is that internal look which allows to make the correct decisions at the level of feelings, however without knowledge of world around this ability would not be of practical value. Knowledge allows “to decipher“ feelings which, in turn, can be shown differently. The internal voice “works“ for someone in a dream, to someone it gives signals images or sudden inspiration of thought, some feel physical feelings of alarm or pleasure.

It is noticed that to a large extent people can make intuitive acts creative, and our right hemisphere “is responsible“ for creativity. If to develop it, then it is possible to reach much. In a question of how to develop female intuition, the important part is assigned to reach balance in work of the left and right hemispheres. How to make it? By means of simple exercises: it is necessary to perform habitual operations a “non-working“ hand.

Even more effectively the receptions allowing to involve at the same time both hemispheres work. Despite simplicity to execute them at once it will turn out not at everyone. Try, for example, such exercise : big and index fingers of the left hand undertake a nose tip, and the same fingers of the right hand - on a lobe of the left ear. Now release an ear and a nose, clap and at once change position of hands, that is the right hand touch a nose, left - undertake a lobe of the right ear. In process of assimilation of this exercise accelerate.

One more reception allowing to involve both hemispheres is drawing by two hands at the same time . Take a sheet of paper and on a pencil in each hand. Draw a butterfly, apple, a heart, generally, any symmetric subject. The nuance is that lines need to be run synchronously both hands in a specular reflection. By the way, such exercises help not only to develop intuition, but also to stop a headache, to improve sight, to reduce nervous stress and an overstrain.

If you seriously thought of how to develop female intuition, then here not to do without knowledge of a sign language and a mimicry. Most of women at the intuitive level feel when the interlocutor tells a lie or something hides. It occurs because we “see“ a dissonance between gestures, a mimicry and words. In such cases we can not always explain what occurs not so, but something guards us. And discrepancy guards.

The intuition, though goes hand in hand with knowledge, does not assume process of judgment of information. If the decision was made as a result of hours-long thoughts, then it is impossible to speak about intuition. Feelings, but not reason therefore men, in the majority pragmatists, often do not listen to it are its cornerstone.

Happens so, as the man does not perceive our female cautions seriously too. When something occurs, he is inclined to accuse not himself, and the woman who “cawed“. According to the logic of men the chain of events looks so: the woman by some miracle provokes trouble and itself warns about it, and nothing else remains to it how to eliminate consequences. In reality everything occurs in a different way: the woman feels that there will be a certain event, and warns the man against some actions. He, certainly, to her words does not listen, and there is what she was afraid of. And if listened, then everything could be in a different way!

Important not only to wake the internal voice. It should learn to be heard, and it is even more important - to learn to trust it. This, perhaps, is the most difficult.