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How to prepare fresh crayfish?

First of all, it is necessary to know how to choose good crayfish. The matter is that knowing how to prepare fresh crayfish, it is not always possible to receive really tasty dish. Everything depends on that how fresh initial product before you. If you caught crayfish, then you can be sure of their quality. If you buy

crayfish in shop or in the market, then never trust the sellers offering you the “fallen asleep“ crayfish. It is very difficult for nonprofessional to define, really cancer only - only fell asleep, or lay in such state several hours. If your health is expensive to you, buy crayfish better more expensively, but that all of them were live. And if so it happened that some individual when washing refuses to give life signs, then it is better to weld of this cancer to refuse an invention.

After you selected all live crayfish, it is necessary to wash out and remove carefully them a gut that during the use on teeth sand did not creak. How to prepare fresh crayfish for cooking? Can be put, of course, crayfish in milk and to wait until they are cleared, having passed natural cleaning of intestines milk, but it long enough and not always productively. To clear a gut, we just will remove it. Undertake three fingers for telson and, having slightly twisted, extend a gut. Where telson to find this? If to look on cancer, then on the end of a tail which actually is a neck there are such shovels, here for average and it is necessary to pull.

Now time cannot be lost, after removal of a gut crayfish quickly fall asleep therefore it is necessary to cook them without postponing. The most tasty crayfish (of course, in my opinion) - simply welded in brine . For preparation of a brine it is necessary to take water, rock salt, a bunch of dry fennel, 5 - 6 leaves of bay leaf, 5 - 6 peas of black pepper. It is necessary to salt much in order that crayfish were well salted. Water has to be not salty, but almost bitter. If to throw crude potato in a brine, it will float on a surface.

We put water on fire, we bring to boiling and we fill up all ingredients. Once again we wait for boiling and we spread crayfish. After water begins to boil again, we remove the formed skin, we reduce fire and in 10 minutes crayfish are ready. We disconnect a plate, we leave crayfish in a brine for about 5 minutes that they became more juicy and are more fragrant. On a plate we spread fresh fennel, from above - crayfish and thin slices of a lemon. Crayfish are tasty as in hot, and cold.

Sometimes when crayfish is caught much and the classical recipe bothers, we begin to experiment. Recently prepared crayfish according to new recipe . Now I know how to prepare crayfish not simply tasty, but very tasty.

Bylima on fishing also caught a bucket of crayfish, three carps and several karasik. From fish cooked a fish soup. But something was not podrasschitat, and remained it much. Added two bulbs, five tomatoes, 6 segments of garlic, bay leaf, peppercorn and several slices of a celery to the filtered broth. Zakipyatili broth also dipped crayfish there. Yes, previously properly salted. Boiled crayfish, as usual, to full readiness and left in broth for 15 minutes. If to tell that it was tasty not to tell anything, so. It was very tasty!

Cancers can be trained differently: in a cucumber brine, in beer, in white wine, previously having wetted in milk, it is possible to make roast, soup or pilaf … And it is possible to think up the dish. Bon appetit and the highest pleasure!