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Whether it is possible to earn from Forex? Would tell

Ya - no! The great number of the different demagogues who are earning additionally on advertizing will claim that this opinion wrong, and predostavkyat proofs, nothing inherently not proving. Of course, if occupation of swindlers, robbers and other shadow figures it is possible to call by “work“, then and it is possible to earn from Forex, speculating with currency.

“Yes, it is speculation“, - with pleasure managers of the financial platform when the person interested comes to play and win in optimistic hopes to receive for free one million “green“ will tell the truth. This idea is attractive to many people that it is not necessary to work physically. Sidi also watch the market, reflected in the computer screen, through the special program.

Forex is a global financial market which participants earn from a difference of world currencies, buying currency cheap and selling it at higher price. Transactions on Forex are carried out on the Internet, and a huge number of people around the world work at popular financial platforms and earn tens of thousands of dollars from Forex. It is official information.

To understand that it is impossible to earn from Forex, only the financier who knows the organization of system of cash flows can. All picture about Forex which to us is presented has structure of “sandwich“ - it is when on the truthful word “injust“ information is smeared. For example, information on what on Forex is played by banks which carry out currency transactions there.

And banks according to the status of credit institution have no right to risk money of investors in doubtful operations and transactions. A dirty trick here that banks really participate in speculation on Forex, securing and selling currency according to applications of the clients. But all paradox is that in the market there is money (currency), but not banks to which this money is attached, thus that all money is in a banking system, and out of their banks cannot be.

Yes, earn from Forex. It is true, but it - “they “ earn , speculators and managers who receive lost “ us “ money. The number is very difficult to get to their as in order that we won “ “, it is necessary that all “lost our “ neighbors at the left, on the right, in front and behind. And it is less than 10% of chances of success.

The first game with Forex is lost by one and all. The first time because of ignorance of material and to “spread“ which sucks your money as the pump cannot be won. And on the second attempt, as a rule, there is no money left any more. Also some companions who are looking for happiness, the cars, apartments and other property begin to sell to play once again and, having recouped, to return at least the. But it not at all turns out.

I the first time held on three months, and then “squandered“ the account, as well as all other newly made applicants of easy money. Then, having been indignant with frank fraud of “partner“, won back all the loss, then lost again. Then again recouped, again lost and stopped, having understood that I am a person hazardous and I do not follow by itself the established rules.

The fact that was in loss, I satisfied because now I do not sit for days, vylupiv eyes, at the computer though I know how it is necessary to win, being guided by natural laws.

It is impossible to use, for example, in transactions more than 30% of the available capital because any system is steady only to this level. It is impossible to risk in transactions more than the one tenth part of the capital. However these conditions were exigeant.

Forex is a way of life which takes away a lot of time and forms a certain sort a mental condition of the person which can be transformed to game dependence. The dependent person will constantly recharge from different sources in hope to catch good luck, but, as a rule, it is impossible. The account constantly inevitably decreases at the expense of spread, and it is necessary to fill up constantly it or to win.

To fans of adrenaline, the anxious search of thrills, it would be possible to suggest to test himself and the mentality not exotic types of self-torture, but game for Forex. Because this game keeps the person in suspense and excites nerves more effectively than any horror film.

It occurs at the moment when the person sits at the monitor of the computer and with horror observes how from its account its money disappears, and he can make nothing at this time. The account is blocked. I also watched how with the collapse of the Japanese yen also my deposit flew though in due time I could stop the transaction and keep the most part of the account. However at heart I at this moment had some sadistic satisfaction with gloating impurity to the deposit - at last you were “gobbled up“!

The familiar psychiatrist told about it that the mentality was simply tired of tension and rejoices that it is not necessary to come off more at night and to quickly calculate options and to analyze various combinations in hope that it will help to win. And as it is possible to study long transactions when the mentality of “Russian“ demands to win now - today. And to a terpezh any is not present! This state also does not allow to play on Forex.

Forex can be compared to a huge casino where, as well as in usual game establishments, there are schemes capable to deceive the computer. It can be done by “pipsovaniye“, working as “shchipach“ or playing two accounts with different deposits. I, for example, played with the computer in cards and won, but when advised the neighbor sitting at the next table to play also “colors“, that did not understand and squandered all deposit.

The financial system does not pay attention to similar “losses“ and separate single prizes because the monetary pump repeatedly blocks all losses from small fraud or a pipsovaniye.

I consider that it is impossible to earn from Forex. Here it is only possible to win, and attempts to turn “Divine Providence“ into work are fraught with consequences. Because “gentlemen of good luck“, as a rule, came all to a bad end.