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To be born on light is the most important success in human life!

of Thought are positive

the Majority of us perceive the existence in this world as something self-evident and very few people think that before to appear, each of us did a huge way, overcoming at the same time infinite and every time more and more serious obstacles on the way to the birth.

These barriers was valid much. Which - that we know rather accurately, we guess something, we can assume something, and all the rest, from what was overcome, we it is simple even to assume not in forces. For example, we will take not it and the remote past of my parents who could just not meet if mother did not go to that evening at cinema. And mother would not be born if my grandmother did not go for the husband, my grandfather to Ukraine who, after the Victory in the Great Patriotic War was sent there to service. And where at it already, according to logic of that life, other family was formed. Thanks to courage and determination of my grandmother it returned to her, having forever left the beloved.

It is possible go further away. Sazhem, if there was no Hitler - me and the majority of us would not be too. The same parents would have other children, maybe, but others, any more not we

But here mine the father and mother met, fell in love with each other, mother waited the father from army, they got married, and then they gave birth to the child. Not I. For the present only my brother. A young family of 1972 in Cherepovets. You represent and how it was? They arrived on distribution with two suitcases and with the baby here. The benefit quickly enough they after the hostel were given the two-room apartment in the house on Pobedy Avenue.

That I was born, only one of millions of father`s spermatozoa needed to meet a mother`s ovum that I turned out in that body what I have. Outstrip some another - everything, I am absent, I did not take place! Yes, the spermatozoon had to be HU, but not UU, otherwise I would be a boy.

Farther it was necessary that mother, having learned about my existence, wanted to leave me and would agree to give birth to me. I was lucky, and to other my not been born brothers and sisters - no. Still mothers says that it dreams a glade, on which all our family, in which except us with the brother there are some more children , has a rest,

Further it is necessary to grow to the necessary moment and to overcome 12 - ti hour pass on patrimonial ways. At these stages too a set of the risks destroying chance of the birth since a serious disease of mother and a fruit, and finishing with the complicated childbirth, including a human factor in the form of medical errors

So if you live in this world, only already one this fact does you by huge Winners in this Universe! Further it is risk to leave life already much less, and we are quite capable to control the majority of them. Though there is a hypothesis according to which the child himself chooses the parents, he knows at whom he was going to be born and that it is necessary to expect from them. And if onpogibat in mother`s womb, in the course of childbirth or right after the birth - means, he works the program which did not work in antecedents To many parents, and it is important, the belief in it gives strength to cheer up after death of the child and to give life to a new being Yuli Vasyukov`s