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Caroline Bottaro`s movie “Chess player“. What is necessary to change the life to the best?

I did not watch movies on the big screen Very long ago. Long ago, oh, how long. So progress: what big screen if, without rising from a chair, gathered everything that it is necessary to you in the searcher, and look - though be lost in contemplation? But the big screen is a type as stadium. And repetitions on it is mute is not present, and nobody will show a face of the player to you close up, just imagine … The people go to it.

Here and I thought: and why is also not present? Well, also opened the poster. And in it in black and white that week of the French cinema at us. And I got on the movie “Chess player“ that in 2009 was removed by Caroline Bottaro. And, respectively, it is possible to call the movie French only conditionally. Business even not that in official releases it is positioned as the movie of coproduction of France and Germany. In it, perhaps, there is nothing surprising. And if is, so the droplet. And that, only for those who do not know that Caroline Bottaro was born on October 10, 1969 in Bielefeld (Germany). And in her veins, besides the German, also the Italian blood flows (see attentively surname). But here lives, and respectively, and Caroline in Paris works. And Paris is already France. Here and movies of coproduction turn out.

By the way, also there lives (more true, lived) Caroline not of ABBA where. And on one landing from Bertina Henriks. Written that novel that formed the movie basis.

To write - Bertina it wrote that, but to bear here the publisher to her was scared the work. And well as will crush its creation totally so also there will be no live place left from “Chess player“? Here Henriks also chose as a guinea pig of Bottaro. Also appointed Caroline the first reader. And that what to do? Not to quarrel with the neigbour … began Caroline to read

I “Chess player“. Read the first ten typewritten pages and … Also understood that from this novel the excellent movie can turn out. Just as in water looked. It, and really, turned out.

Here about it Caroline Bottaro`s tape. That nobody can help another. Only he. If, of course, is not afraid. First of all. Because is stronger than talent … That to which do not teach at any universities. About which it is impossible to read in one, cleverest book. As well as it is impossible to buy it. Not at any price.

Stronger than talent only fear. Fear of the fact that you do not have this talent. What from your book (or the movie) and the live place will not be left. And if to be afraid, then it is better not to go to the wood. Wolves will eat. And the fear will win against talent.

Approximately doctor Kruger (Kevin Klein) so speaks to the main character of the movie who is earning additionally at it the coming cleaner of the apartment, Elaine (Sandrine Bonnaire). And still he says that taking the risk, it is possible to lose. But without risking, you lose always. Therefore if you want something to achieve, believe in yourself and the forces. It first of all.

And in the second - risk. Be not afraid to go beyond ordinary, already habitual. Perhaps there, outside this circle drawn with you, not only devils and the pan-night flying in a coffin. But also something like that that you with such impatience wait for.

Therefore if someone says you that the movie about how the strong hobby can change radically the person and his life … Do not trust. “Chess player“ not about it.

No, so - that chess in the movie is. With it - that the name and that they were not? Impossible, it generally, business.

But chess with which all actually also begins is only a starting point. As that springboard from which it is necessary to jump. But to jump most. Or not to jump. Understanding that if “no“, then all and remains. As well as was. And you, without having made anything, you will lose. Just because decided to leave everything as is.

And here if you decide and you will jump … You can already come up that from water absolutely other person. Winner. Not only for. But also for those people who surround you.

Everything began with chess. Elaine, cleaning a hotel accommodation in which she works as the maid, sees how on the balcony separated from the room by a thin curtain, the married couple plays for lined in it is black - a white cage a board. And it is not simply others, people unfamiliar to it. It is other world in which there is a place for happiness, love and all what any person dreams of irrespective of who is he he is a man or the woman.

Vot and Elaine dreams. In fact, it not the maid in one of the Corsican hotels. She is modern a Madame Bovary. But, unlike her literary predecessor, Elaine tries to obtain what she dreams of. And radically changes the life. Another does it.

But not because Henri (Fransis Reno) buys as a gift to the husband chess but because he begins to think. And it so changes it that the people surrounding it absolutely in a different way begin to treat Elaine. And first of all - relatives. Husband and daughter Lisa (Aleksandra Zhantil). If earlier the last despised the parents for the fact that it is a shame to it to bring into this poor house of the guy who is fallen in love by it from a rich family, then now she understands that mother not only it is possible, but also it is necessary to be proud. Also Henri buying by Elaine new chess instead of those that she threw out in a garbage can gradually arrives at the same idea, without wishing to hurt loved by it and as it appeared, to the person loving it: “It is my gift to you. And it cannot be thrown out. I hope, you understand it?“

I of Elaine understands. Just as understands that not only she believes in herself. Those people to whom she is dear believe in her. And which are dear to it. Therefore it should not bring them.

It also does not bring. Elaine wins the first chess tournament. And here one and a half thousand euros a prize fund (which, of course, will be not so superfluous in her family!) - not the most important. Much more important what it changed not only itself, but also the life. Another made it. Saturated. Happy and joyful.

And it became possible only because she believed in herself. Believed, risked and … Won!

Probably, it is in power much of us. It is necessary to believe in the forces only. As it was made by the heroine of the movie Caroline Bottaro.

And still it is desirable to remember that “… from all figures only the queen can go as she wants. It is even stronger than the king“. Therefore the one who thinks that “Chess player“ - purely female movie is deeply mistaken. Even the most brutal of men should look at it. At least in order that it is better to understand those women who near them.