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Herpes on genitals.

Genital herpes.

There are two types of a virus of herpes:
1 - is usually shown on a face, around a mouth, eyes;
2 - affects only genitals (man`s and female).
Genital herpes - a widespread disease, is transferred from the sick person to healthy sexually. At 80% of patients the illness proceeds almost asymptomatically. These people are infection sources, at the same time do not know that they are sick.

Symptoms can be expressed from moderate sensitivity, irritation to painful bubbles on genitals.
Being on inspection in clinic, having made several analyses, the doctor reported that you have a genital herpes that it at you forever and it is incurable.

Be not discouraged, as well as at all people, the sharp, initial stage of an inflammation will begin and will end (Approximately in 2 - 3 weeks), the subsequent attacks of an illness, will be rare and not so sharp as the first.

Physicians have a means reducing the frequency of attacks to 90% - the ACYCLOVIR, by means of therapeutic intervention herpes - recedes.
Strengthen immune system of an organism, do not allow to a virus suddenly to wake up and bring chaos.

≈ Of you would be to keep wisely immune system the sober and armed long rest, regular physical exercises, well balanced diet.

≈ Do not use ointments. Ointments with antibiotics block intake of air, thereby slowing down healing process. Ulcers for healing need a lot of air.

≈ In your case to use kortizonovy creams under any pretext it is impossible, they will actually suppress your immune system and to help a virus to breed.

≈ Use soap and water. At any ulcers, water and soap, everything that it is necessary for you follows maintenance of this area of a body in purity. The first that can come to mind at detection on genitals yazvochek, is to treat all preparations that is in your first-aid kit.

A virus all the same you will not kill, you can aggravate the situation only. As wrote earlier, the ACYCLOVIR - the only means, obviously yielded charitable results of treatment.

≈ Get warm - and it will become easier. During the outbreak of an illness, take a shower or a bath, moistening the itching bodies with warm water, reducing unpleasant feelings 3 - 4 times a day. Having left a bathroom, dry the hair dryer for hair genitals, warm air has the calming effect, drying - will accelerate process of healing of ulcers.

≈ Think of additives. There is an opinion that bottled gidroksitoluen added to food, amino acid or substances as zinc in the form of capsules or ointment, I can help at an exacerbation of genital herpes.

≈ Do not touch blisters and ulcers. This name of an illness herpes on genitals, a virus it is easily possible to transfer to other parts of the body if concerned an open ulcer and the same finger scratched in a mouth or an eye, be careful.

≈ Facilitate a painful urination. It is especially harmful to women as on open ulcers sour urine gets.

≈ You Carry free linen, for healing air is necessary, you wear pants not synthetics, but cotton which allow skin to breathe.

≈ Do not report an illness to others, you bear responsibility on protection of others, remember how you got genital herpes. Even having healed ulcers there are no 100% of confidence that at intimate proximity the virus will not pass to the partner.