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Where there is a Center of the universe? You Know

where there is a Center of the universe? In the Ancient Greek city of Delphi! About this “Navel“ it is known davny - long ago.

Those who survived in cataclysm
Stay in pessimism,
in a glass prism
K to us brought them yesterday to hospital.

And one of them, the mechanic,
Told, having run away from nurses,
That the Bermudas polyhedron -
the Open center of the universe!
(V. Vysotsky)

Well, is loonies that from them to take. From where to them to know truth.

... In ancient times when Greece represented the conglomerate of city-states described in the legends and myths which remained till our time, the city of Delphi was the well-known common cultural center of the Greek world.

And it was located on massif slopes Parnassus on which in those days, by hearsay, the Greek goddesses - muses lived.

Once in this place there was a temple where worshipped a female deity in the form of Mother - Earth. Then, according to a legend, from far Northern lands there arrived Apollo: having turned back a dolphin, he gave the ship with seamen there and enjoined over it to found the temple with the Delphic oracle.

Actually business was that on the location of the temple of Apollo from - under lands there were sulphurous gases opyanyayushche operating on people. And when it was necessary to predict something, one of the priestesses called by pifiya sat down on a special tripod over the place of an exit of gases, was intoxicated with them and began to tell something, and other priestesses interpreted her incoherent speeches.

And once tsars and heroes before beginning some more - less significant action (war game or still that), surely consulted on the oracle. Plutarch narrates that Alexander of Macedon visited the Delphic oracle before a campaign, but got to not business hours. Despite it, it nevertheless found a pifiya and that without any gases gave it a prediction - “You are invincible!“.

Yes, and still. Except the Olympic Games three more types of games, gods were at that time carried out - that was much. Here Pifiysky games were devoted to Apollo and not in honor of pifiya, by the way, were called, and - together with pifiya - in honor of Apollo`s victory over a dragon Pifon and findings of the oracle.

And yes here “center of the universe“, you ask? It appears, at first the city of Delphi was considered as “center of the universe“. But then the main god - the Thunderer Zeus, that which shakes office of “Sberbank“ in advertizing now - was puzzled with definition of the exact center of Earth, and in general, the center of the world. From Olympe`s mountain it let out two birds: one on the East, and another on the West.

Also it is necessary what coincidence! Both eagles landed on the rock near Delf. Also Zeus in that place enjoined to establish a monument - “Omfal“ - in the form of a cone with smoothed top. It and now there costs (well, approximately). And who does not trust, go, look. Greece very needs tourists now!

Generally Omfal was in Apollo`s temple, but Christians on the lovely habit razed this temple to the ground. Which - that, however, remained and is now shown in the special museum (everything that managed to be dug out).

To be fair it should be noted that in many Greek temples there were omfala. They served as a reference point at the beginning of construction of the temple or city. From an installation site of an omfal drew two perpendicular lines which were symbols of four parts of the world and reference marks.

The idea of “Center of the universe“ is found in many ancient cultures. The Etruscans inhabiting the North of Italy (nowadays the Province of Etruria) began construction of the city from the hole covered with a stone, calling this place “the Center of the Universe“.

At Muslims the black stone, allegedly the meteorite placed in the cubic room “Kaaba“ in Mecca is considered such center. At Hindus and Buddhists the center of the world call the mountain in the Himalayas “Measure“ or “Kailash“. Indians the Quechua consider as that the ancient city of Inca of Machu - Pikchu.

In Jerusalem there is “Center of the universe“, sacred for three religions, is a mountain Moria, or the Temple mountain. On it the ancient prophet Abraham was going to sacrifice the son, Isaak, and later the tsar Solomon built the Jerusalem temple. Now there is Scala`s Dome, and Muslims consider that from this place the prophet Muhammad rose on the sky.

However in Jerusalem there is also one more “Center of the universe“. Well, Christians in this question could not but be marked out! Christian special “Center of the universe“ is in Church of the Resurrection, in the territory of orthodox part of the temple. There is a stone bowl, and in it the sphere covered with a cross. Before a bowl the lamp with a set of candles is installed. This bowl is also “Center of the universe“.

Generally, in each religion - “Center of the universe“. This place where the main sanctuary of the Supreme deity is located. I think, as will not prevent all of us, everyone in the house, to establish symbolical “Center of the universe“ around which all also occurs.

And then there will be everything a benefit and in heaven blessing, health, happiness, good luck and so on!