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Why the school of carpenters “Taiga“ of

is necessary Who comes to study to Sokolskoye and what for?

the First category is persons interested to build to itself the good, log house. Not least moves them material incentive. The hands it is possible to save up to 50 percent from estimated cost on construction. Such pupils about a half at our school. Some of them begin besides to be engaged in business on the cabin of houses to the Canadian, Russian and Norwegian technologies subsequently. Most of such pupils have the highest and so-so - technical education.

The person who graduated school of carpenters knows as how to demand from team of cutters. Can freely check them at each stage of construction. It has quality standards of the cabin of houses and own experience.

The second category of pupils are those who were sent to study carpenter`s skill of the director of the enterprises. Economic incentive for directors following. As a rule, their firms are engaged in logging and wood processing. Sell wood from 2000 rub for a cube (sawlog) to 10 000 rub (dried pogonazh). In a felling wood can be sold from 10 000 rub (the Russian cabin) to 15 000 - 20 000 rub (the Canadian and Norwegian cabin). Also pupils are sent by directors of the civil engineering firms wishing to develop the new direction. Especially, if in their region is not present or very few houses made on the Norwegian and Canadian technologies.

School of carpenters “Taiga“ - almost only in Russia, there are a lot of years engaged in all views of the cabin.

The third category of pupils - the adventurers in good sense of this word wishing to change the life. It is a little of them - about 10 percent. Some of them leave having studied less. As a rule, from - for household difficulties (Sokolsky everything - not the southern coast of France) and from - for the understanding which came to time of study that the profession of the carpenter is not his profession. But, happens, as come back.

We have a wide experience of construction of wooden temples. At least, get free advice.

The school of carpenters “Taiga“ in addition can:

1. To pick up team of skilled carpenters

2. To provide part of the production site for the cabin of a felling

3. To carry out the chief - installation of the house

4. To advise during construction, starting with project works.

5. To help with the project of the house. Pupils are given various projects or the skilled architect

6 is selected. To help with the organization of business for construction of wooden houses

7. To teach to build the boat - a sokolka

B Sokolsky several years beautiful Fizkulturno - an improving complex works. Pool, table tennis, skates, billiards, exercise machines. Prices very much even attractive. Plus the Gorky sea (the school is directly on its coast), fishing, hunting, mushrooms, berries. It is possible to come with the second half in the summer. Let`s allocate a separate lodge.

It is possible to register in school of carpenters “A taiga directly here!

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