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How unusually and tasty to make macaroni?

in most cases boil Macaroni, fill with oil and give as a garnish to meat dishes. Sometimes sugar and eat as independent sweet second course. Sometimes drive in into boiled macaroni of egg, “guineas“ or “vermishelnik“ stir and fry on a frying pan.

is done Still “on - naval“ - boiled macaroni with the fried forcemeat. In my opinion, it is boring. And meanwhile macaroni - excellent base for the most different dishes.

In - the first, it is possible to grate cheese, to add it to the hot macaroni filled with oil, it is good to mix.

In - the second, on a frying pan in vegetable oil quickly to fry the cut vegetables (1 bulb, 3 tomatoes, 2 garlic gloves), to fill with salt, red and black pepper, to turn it the blender, the mixer or a nimbus into sauce and to fill in with it the cooked macaroni.

In - the third to boil seafood, to clear, put in deep ware, to strew with seasonings, to add fat sour cream, to protushit minutes two. To lay out to ready macaroni, to strew with cheese. It is called paste with seafood.

And here recipes of dishes with which it is necessary to tinker slightly longer, but you will be rewarded by a yum-yum for lunch or a dinner.

1. Baked pudding with meat

On a frying pan to fry the cut bulbs, 3-4 tomatoes, 2 garlic gloves.

Separately to fry mincemeat to semi-readiness.

To lay out the macaroni which is generously filled with oil in a form, from above to lay forcemeat, to fill in with vegetables sauce, to strew with grated cheese, to bake in an oven about half an hour on average fire. In this dish of oil does not happen much.


In thick-walled ware with heated oil to stack macaroni with vegetables layers in turn: onions, sweet pepper, vegetable marrows, tomatoes, garlic. To boil macaroni and to lay out them to almost ready vegetables, to add sour cream, mayonnaise, ketchup to taste and seasonings. To bring a dish on fire to readiness of all products.

3. Macaroni with mushrooms and meat

On a frying pan to fry the cut bulbs, 8-10 mushrooms, 2 garlic gloves. To separately fry mincemeat to readiness. To put it together with the boiled macaroni in one ware, to add fat sour cream, to extinguish minutes five.

4. Macaroni with tomato sauce and sausages

In a deep frying pan or a stewpan to fry the cut bulbs, sweet pepper, 2-3 garlic gloves, to add 3 tablespoons of sour cream and a tomato - pastes, to put the cut sausages. To take on fire of 10 minutes, to add semi-ready macaroni, to bring to readiness on the smallest fire.

5. Vegetable paste (on a post case)

In a deep frying pan or a stewpan to fry the cut and rubbed bulb, carrot, 2 sweet pepper, an eggplant, 3 tomatoes, 3 garlic gloves. To turn into sauce and to fill with it macaroni. For receiving a fast dish macaroni does not need to be filled with oil.

6. Macaroni with sauce of a curry and champignons

to Cut and fry in butter a bulb, 4-5 garlic gloves, sweet pepper, 300 grams of champignons. To pour 1 tablespoon of seasoning of a curry, to protushit minute. To add 300 grams of sour cream, to protushit 5 more minutes. To fill with sauce ready macaroni.


the Chicken liver to cut macaroni with a chicken liver strips and to fry with onions and grated carrots. To add sour cream and ready macaroni, to take on small fire of minutes 5.

8. Macaroni salad

For salad macaroni needs to be boiled, but not to digest, wash out cold water that did not stick together. It is necessary to dress with mayonnaise, cheese sauce (store), the sour cream which is shaken up with seasonings or with adjika. Now options.

- To cut cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet pepper, greens and ham, to mix with macaroni.
- to Grate firm cheese, to cut smoked sausage and a pickle. To mix with macaroni.
- to Cut boiled chicken meat, marinated mushrooms and fresh tomatoes, to add macaroni.
- Tinned fish (a tuna, a sardine, a saury) to cast away on a sieve, to merge oil, to knead a fork, to mix with the macaroni cut by tomatoes and greens.
- to Boil, clear, seize seafood, to mix with macaroni and the cut tomatoes.

9. Sweet macaroni baked pudding

the macaroni which is Generously filled with oil to mix

with the sugar, raisin, dried apricots, prunes, pounded nuts, cottage cheese cut by fruit, to lay out in a form, from above to lay several pieces of butter and to bake in an oven.

Tasty to you breakfasts, lunches and dinners.