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How to improve health? We go to a pinery!

Ya fell in love … In a pinery! In its dizzy air, in its vital colors, in quiet and stately beauty of pines.

a strip, Blue with teeth, -
Ownership of northern Russia...
Hello, pine woods,
Solar, pure, dry.

All to me to a shower pleases also a look, I Know
about everything firsthand.
Pair needles fly down,
Dry the spread wide cones.

(Konstantin Vanshenkin) of

As precisely and sincerely the poet of feeling from a meeting with the pine wood reported! I wait for day off to go to walk to a pinery. Its air as if dissolves the fatigue which collected in a week, thoughts “are cleared“, and all bad departs away.

In such places the health and mood easily is breathed, improves, immunity becomes stronger. And the reason - in the unusual pine air saturated with essential oils and pitches. Not for nothing buds of a pine and its needles are useful at colds, especially at diseases of airways. The needles of a pine contain phytoncides which by right it is possible to call invisible army in fight against harmful microorganisms. Exactly thanks to phytoncides purity of air in pine forest is maintained. In kidneys and needles there are tannins and in a large number ascorbic acid. All these aromas mix up in one airy cocktail which can enjoy in a pinery.

All tree, from a needle to a trunk, is used in the medical purposes. The turpentine known to us possessing powerful antiseptic action is done of crude turpentine. The purified crude turpentine (pitch solution in essential oil) is bactericidal and wound healing means. From wood (by its distillation) receive tar which is a part of many ointments for treatment of skin diseases. Preparations of pine kidneys are useful at inhalations. Pollen of a pine is applied as the all-strengthening means. The coniferous concentrate is used for preparation of soap and toothpaste.

Here such it useful - a pine!

Walk is an also esthetic pleasure tableau vivant of a pinery. The green needles please a look all the year round, and a tree trunk with are yellow - brown coloring it seems attractively - warm. There is a wish to stand, having clasped a powerful tree with hands, to listen to silence of the wood, to be loaded with its useful power. Here, in pine forest, in a quiet situation, answers to difficult vital questions come sometimes. After such communication with the nature there is a desire to come back to these places again and again.

What else it is possible to do in a pinery?

• To conduct fact-finding tour to children. Walk will be useful and informative.
• Having taken with itself the camera, to make a lot of photos, having exposed on a review to friends a photo gallery with types of a pinery.
• To ride a bike (in the winter - on skis).
• To write down pinery sounds (singing of birds, noise of wind, a rain drop, rustle of a grass).

The pine is considered a tree friendly, open and hospitable. The pinery is always glad to guests, meets all with open branches, asks nothing in exchange. Except one: not to leave behind garbage.