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The verse about the Grandmother of

dreamed me a dream more precisely Tonight, there were many dreams, they were replaced one by one
U me the increased nervous excitability and on it how many I would not sleep one figs I do not get enough sleep, all this from - for nerves and thoughts, usually human brain in a dream works more more intensively than when the person is awake. In due time I spoiled the dream and ever since I do not get enough sleep, to me is constant that dreams, firing, any awful scenes, past scenes, or scenes of which was not
After reading of the book Interpretation of dreams Siegmund Freud, I understood and realized that everything that we dream it the stirred thoughts, in a consequence of a hard work of a brain during a dream, or a consequence on some irritant which us tries to razdrozhit during a dream on it dreams are not present sense are afraid if it is horrors or still any violence scenes.
the Dream is an echo of the past...
Recently I listened to one song, is called Birches in it there was a moment about a gate and the grandmother and I remembered as the last time came to the grandmother and as it stood and looked to me in a trace when I left and at night the grandmother dreamed me and having woken up since morning I long thought and decided to write a verse to

the Grandmother

my darling, the kind grandmother,
I often Remember you
As you read fairy tales to me old, dobra you taught
I me.
I and Remember such moment,
When I trampled all flowers.
I as a broom went on a bum,
Being in an old gentle hand ***
I Remember
as you were helped by me,
As cut as sawed as dug
As in small 10 years, Tones 3 coals I staskat

Remember we TV watched together,
Commissioner Rex then went,
O to you is memory I will Never forget
about it. ***
I Remember
as after school,
the Ugly face is broken mine
you Thought you will swear, but asked:
And whose took? ***
I Remember
as did not like to have breakfast densely,
In the childhood you forced me
to me already 18 long ago,
is Still densely eaten by me since morning
is Remembered as winter evening,
We at an oven sat with you, I listened to
As stories attentively,
Looking in hot the flaring fire
my dear kind grandmother,
I often Remember you,
was Known by you about me more than,
mother, both the father, and the sister Knew
You was the best my friend,
of Secret everything I to you trusted,
A when was difficult especially,
Ya council at you asked
Remember those all tasty foods,
As you indulged them me,
As loved I cabbage stewed,
Still did not celebrate what so would be as at you
Remember as with filled by a mouth,
At a table I stirred,
A you on me swore,
Silently you eat Levitan! ***
A still I remember
a moment,
As loving and joking
After Eshchenok performances,
Pig sobachy called ***
that year you were ill
especially, your
I died away eyes
I could not go often,
Because study was
When I to you came To that last time,
Ya not for long stayed,
I for the fifth day left
Ya not quickly walked on a court yard,
You for me quietly went.
At a gate sadly having reflected,
Being silent I looked at you ***
You me smiled to
For a moment were lit eyes, You told
come still
On a cheek was slid by a tear...
A then I left,
Turned back suddenly following,
You stood at a kolitochka,
I silently looked to me following
Ya a hand waved good-bye,
I was not watched any more by me back,
A you stood for a long time,
I looked to me in a trace
my darling, the kind grandmother,
Often I remember you.
of Tu love, that warmly not counterfeit, you taught
As good me