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How to make the connected tea?

If not everyone can appreciate taste of the connected tea, then its beauty is visible not only to the esthete. The connected tea is a dance, it is music, this miracle, it is life! This fascinating show which contemplation leads to understanding of a difference a boundary tea drinking and a tea ceremony.

As a rule, for production of the connected teas are used by expensive grades green (more rare - red) tea. Quite often forgetting to warn the buyer about some nuances, sellers on a question of how to make the connected tea, answer: the same as usual green. They mean that water temperature for a zavarivaniye has to be same. And this is true. But there are some subtleties without which it is possible not to see all that beauty for the sake of which knitters of tea for the sake of whom, by the way, you paid considerable money worked.

What is the connected tea? Probably, happening in tea benches, you paid attention to figures, various in a form, which sell not by weight, and a la carte. This is also the connected (knitted) tea. Unattractive in a dry form, in water it “is dismissed“ and turns into an exotic flower. Flowers of a lotus, a chrysanthemum, jasmine, treat (the Chinese plum) are used in the connected teas not only as a decorative element. They introduce in a tea bouquet a special note thanks to which drink gains tartness, softness or sweet.

Types of the connected tea there is a set, but all of them prepare on one technology. At each stage only manual skills are used, and collect tea only during a rainy season. From thin and long tea the fleshy skilled worker connect balls, kegs, hearts and other figures. As the size of the “blossomed“ flower exceeds the initial sizes of a figure before telling about how to make the connected tea, it is necessary to tell about ware. It is the best of all to watch transformation of a ball into a magnificent flower if for a zavarivaniye to use transparent ware . It can be glass chaynichek, a drinking bowl or even a glass.

One portion of tea is filled in with one glass of water. As tea at us green, it is impossible to make it abrupt boiled water. Here also those subtleties about which I spoke at the beginning of article begin. How we make usual tea? We fill tea leaves and we fill in it with water. With the connected tea arrive differently : at first pour water, and already then lower in it tea leaves. If to make on the contrary, then the stream of water will destroy integrity of compactly laid composition and the flower “will not blossom“, and will collapse. Before making the connected tea, the teapot is drenched with boiled water. That the portion figure drowned, but did not float on a surface, the teapot or other ware are covered surely.

The majority of types of the connected tea can be made several times, however is also such which make only once. Buying tea, surely take an interest at the seller how many tea leaves are admissible. If it is 3 - 4 tea leaves, then time of everyone of the subsequent should be increased for 3-4 minutes. Having made the connected tea, you do not hurry to drink it, wait until each leaflet finishes, enjoy this show. And having poured drink on drinking bowls, do not forget to add to a water teapot at once.