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How to use peach oil?

Peaches - not only a tasty and vitamin-rich fruit. They - raw materials for production of the most valuable oil - peach. Oil from stones of “the Persian apple“ in China from where it is peaches, long since was applied in the medical and cosmetic purposes, used it and in food. by

From - for rich contents of biological substances, important for a human body, such as vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, peach oil it is ranked as the most valuable natural oils. About how to use peach oil, people knew at the time of Avicenna. To them migraines and ear pains treated, recommended to accept it at problems with sight. Also beneficial influence of this product on digestion was noted - peach oil possesses easy laxative action and stimulates work of intestines.

Today the oil received from peach stones is a basis of many cosmetics, in particular, of creams and shampoos, it is a part of medical ointments. Apply it at diseases of heart and vessels, at colds, at diseases of urinogenital system (as a diuretic). At the regular use of peach oil aging process is slowed down. It well influences a condition of skin, hair and nails. As it is possible to use peach oil and in food, and outwardly, the effect happens just magnificent. East women know about it therefore their skin is always fresh and healthy. It is possible to tell safely that peach and almond oils are a source of beauty of east women.

Masks with peach oil remarkably are suitable for skin and hair to those who have a dry skin. They humidify and feed, treat and calm the angry skin. Add several drops of peach oil to your usual means on care of skin, and its action will amplify repeatedly. For strengthening of nails peach oil is simply rubbed in a cuticle and in a nail plate.

In combination with an aloe peach oil is used as wound healing means. For example, for treatment of cracks on heels do such compresses: it is necessary to crush a leaflet of an aloe and to mix this gruel with peach oil. On five teaspoons of an aloe it is necessary to take a half of a teaspoon of peach oil. For convenience of drawing and to bigger effect the prepared gruel can be mixed with children`s cream. Mix is applied on heels, apply a bandage and left for the night.

And finally how to use peach oil in cookery. Eat oil of the first cold extraction. Peach oil costs much therefore use it in small amounts, as a rule, for seasoning of salads. Peach oil increases natural taste of products, without changing it, and only emphasizing. To add to a dish a savor, oil is pounded with spicy herbs or spices.

Buying peach oil for use in food, it is necessary to be convinced that no stabilizers and fragrances were added to it. As a rule, it is well acquired and does not cause allergic reactions unless there is an individual intolerance, but it happens extremely seldom.