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IZh - 60 PCP. Why there is no such rifle, and it is?

of Such rifle are valid is not present. Officially. There is only IZh - 60 (the modern name MR - 60) - pruzhinno - a piston air rifle (PPP). by

of V PPP at the same time cock a striking force and air for production of a shot is pumped, is more often trunk “change“, sometimes the subbarrelled or lateral lever. And PCP (in Russian sounds as “PTsP“) is a pneumatics with a preliminary rating, air for production of a shot is already pumped in a cylinder, and during production of a shot a certain portion of air is given for launching of a pool from a trunk.

At RSR before PPP there are a lot of advantages. Lack of return, the increased power and accuracy, an opportunity to put any riflescope... But price …. Even the Chinese one-charging of BAM - 50 which is considered nearly as the most inexpensive PCP rifle will manage at us, in Russia, 20 thousand rubles (more than $600) … You want multicharging? Be going to be ruined on 1000 evergreen above. It is only a rifle. And it should be downloaded something, and the pump of a high pressure or a cylinder with gas station “is pulled“ for at least 200 evergreen.

From a weapon forum. Subject: choice of the first air rifle.

Question: “I will ask you to suggest me to look at something standing from PCP (not expensive) that I did not yuzat forums again, etc., and that I have searches in the head already porridge (2 weeks I read forums about PCP)“.

Answer: “IZh - 60 PCP, in common people of “Kryugerk“.

So, sequence of actions. We buy in the nearest weapon shop of the donor, rifle IZh - 60 if we want one-charging, or IZh - 61 if we want a five-charging rifle. Further on the Internet we look for the seller of the WHALE. The rifle costs about $100, the WHALE (a set for alteration of a rifle) - about $200. As a rule, with KEITH all documentation is delivered and at weapon forums it is full of the most detailed instructions with photos, drawings and explanations. If hands “grow from there“ and there is the minimum tool kit (a drill, a set of screw-drivers, the hammer), it is possible to put the WHALE directly at home, “on a knee“. Or to give the weapon and the WHALE to the familiar person with good metalwork skills.

Total, for $300 with small it is received … If IZh - 60 - one-charging if IZh - a 61-five-charging rifle with a preliminary rating was a donor. Exact, powerful, easy and rather short. For pathetic 300 with small dollars! By the way, free council. It is better to do nevertheless one-charging. In the five-charging version still nobody could make good sealing of the feeder of pools in a trunk. “Blows“ at all. Therefore, the power of a shot falls. Sometimes significantly. And it is necessary to hold IZh - 61 PCP strictly horizontally, otherwise pools will drop out of shop. And it very strongly irritates.

“IZh 60 PCP - one of the easiest PCP versions of air rifles, also the most available at the price. The Azartnost of firing is multiplied thanks to usability and ease“ (the weapon Internet - shop). And all this is an honest truth!

Call remade “IZhi“ 60 - y series differently: “Kryugerka“, “Kayynovka“, “Barmaleyka“, “Shakilovka“, “Demyanovka“ etc. And here 61 - e RSR “IZhi“ almost all - “Eduardovka“. All this producers of various WHALES, sets for alteration standard pruzhinno - piston rifle IZh - 60(61) in the weapon with a preliminary rating. For example, the most widespread IZh - 60 PCP “Kryugerka“ is a rifle with KEITH from the master with a nickname of “Kruger“. “Demyanovka“ - from “Demyan“, “Barmaleyk“ … Well, generally, I think, clear.

Legal aspect. Whether such alteration from the point of view of the law is lawful? As I live in Russia, I will quote the Federal law “About the weapon“ from N 150 - Federal Law. “Rifles, guns and revolvers of caliber to 4,5 mm with dulny energy from 3 to 7,5 J … The pneumatic weapon of this category is also bought without license, is not registered“ . I.e. it is possible to buy such weapon without any restriction, there would be 18 years old. For sale of WHALES there are no lawful restrictions too. It is impossible to remake only the license weapon acquired according to the license granted by law-enforcement bodies. So you make to yourself on health …

A here if the power of the remade rifle is more than 7,5 J, then other provision of the law comes into effect: “The firearms acquired by the citizen of the Russian Federation, firearms of limited defeat and the hunting pneumatic weapon with dulny energy over 7,5 J are subject to registration in law-enforcement body at the place of residence in two weeks from the date of its acquisition“. It “de jure“. And if “de facto“ the person comes with such rifle to registration, he or with snickers and humour will be sent home (so it happened to me), or that is more probable, the rifle will be withdrawn, also the penalty will be imposed. Because article 6 Federal Law “About the Weapon“ “The restrictions set on a turn of the civil and office weapon“ says: “storage or use out of sporting venues of the sports pneumatic weapon with dulny energy 7 is forbidden. 5 J and caliber more than 4. 5 mm“ . Well, the caliber - that in the remade rifle will be 4. 5 mm, and here power, most likely, will be higher than 7,5 J allowed by the law. At the same time, according to Art. 20. 10 CODES OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ON ADMINISTRATIVE OFFENCES are assigned to the violator by “a penalty in the amount of fifteen to twenty minimum wages or without that, with confiscation of the pneumatic weapon or without that“ .

But! In - the first, the pneumatic weapon of caliber 4. 5 mm are considered “entertaining“ and are “de facto“ equated to toys. In - the second, criminal liability for violation of an order of a turn of the pneumatic weapon in the Russian Federation is absent in general.

What to tell in conclusion? As the owner of such rifle I can only tell that it is my most favourite rifle. Perhaps, only when. But all - … If you want to get powerful, easy, exact and an unusual look an air rifle, and the budget is very strongly limited, look narrowly to “Kryugerkam“, “Demyanovkam“ and “IZhe with them“ …