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First ladies: in what they were the first? From Elisa Johnson to Michelle Obama

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gallery of the First Ladies of the USA... So, Elisa Johnson (1810-1876) - the first who taught the president as it is correct to say and write words. Tuberculosis did not allow it to become the First Lady, and this role was played by their daughter Martha Patterson who milked every morning cows in the White House.

Julia Grant (1826-1902) - the first cross-eyed Lady and the first who, living in the south, had the slaves when her husband served as the general of Northern troops.

Lucie Heyes (1831-1889) - the first wife of the president who left college. It was also the first who began to arrange easter driving of eggs in the White House.

Lucrecia Garfield (1831-1918) - the first who conducted historical research of the building of the White House, and the first who she worked as the nurse for the wounded bed the hitman of the husband.

Ellen Arthur (1837-1880) - the first counteralt soloist. She died of pneumonia in 20 months prior to presidency of the husband. The role of the First Lady was played by the sister of the president Artur - Mary who later headed anti-the sufrazhistsky movement of the USA.

Francis Cleveland (1864-1947) - the youngest First Lady, she is the first bride in the White House.

Caroline Garrison (1832-1892) the first used electricity in the White House and the first got a Christmas tree. After her death the president married her secretary and at the same time the niece - to Mary Dimmok.

Ida McKinley (1847-1907) - the premessenger of destiny Jacqueline, the widow of meanly killed president. The first who worked as the banker. It on its manuals the president McKinley kept Philippines after ispano - the American war.

Alice Roosevelt (1861-1885) died in 17 years prior to presidency of the husband. Theodor Roosevelt again married - Edith, and they moved to the White House after murder of the president McKinley.

Helen “Nellie“ Taft (1861-1943) - the first who had also drove the car. It carried the husband on inaugural parade. The first who wrote memoirs and smoked cigarettes in the White House.

Ellen Wilson (1860-1914) - the first professional actress who became to the First Lady. After her death in the White House Woodrow Wilson married the Indian princess Edith, direct “potomitsa“ Pokakhontov.

Florence Harding (1860-1924) was the first golosovavsheya of the First Lady flying on the airplane. She the first began to remove on a movie camera, the first owned the radio, the first began to invite stars of cinema in the White House. But also it the first who was accused of poisoning of the husband who died on the third year at Office.

Grace Coolidge (1879-1957) - the first which conducted the column on radio.

Lu Hoover (1874-1944) - the first, ended Stanford with degree in geology. Also the first, fluently speaking Chinese.

Eleonora Roosevelt (1884-1962) - the first, carrying out a press - conferences, conducting the heading in the magazine, in the newspaper and weekly on radio.

Bess Truman (1885-1982) - the first, working as the assistant to senator at a salary, and the first, never giving interview.

Memi Eisenhower (1896-1979) - the first who acted in TV commercial.

Jacqueline Kennedy (1929-1994) - the first who employed for herself a press - the secretary and the curator of the White House. She the first received Emmie`s award for the body - round on the White House.

Claudia “Ledi Ptichka“ Johnson (1912-2007) - the first who raised money for the electoral company for the husband.

Pat Nixon (1912-1993) - the first began to wear trousers publicly, and also the first began to hold rounds on the residence for blind people and deafs.

Bettie Ford (1918-2011) - the first professional dancer in the White House. It also founded the rehabilitation center for alcoholics and addicts now bearing her name in California.

Rozalin Carter (1927) the first started the videorecorder in the White House, and also the first opened the office in East wing.

Nancey Reagan (1921), being the First Lady, continued to work as the professional actress.

Barbara Bush (1925) - the second First Lady - the wife and mother of presidents and only which wrote memoirs on behalf of the dog.

Hilary Clinton (1947) - first chosen in the Senate and the first who moved forward on presidency.

Laura Bush (1946) - the first had children - twins and the first who replaced the president in his weekly broadcast appeals.

Michelle Obama (1964) - the first Afro-American First Lady. Here really the first!

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