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First ladies: in what they were the first? From Martha Washington to Elisa Johnson of

Sometimes we mistakenly believe that the title of the First Lady is carried only by the spouse of the acting or former U.S. President. Actually this concept is much broader: The wife of the leader of the state, and any female person executing at the moment function of the owner of the White House can be not obligatory for the first lady.

Single, vdovy and even married presidents assigned this high mission on the relatives at discretion. Below I will tell you that each of the First Ladies of the country brought stories in its “title page“.

Martha Washington (1731-1782). The first received the title “Lady“ from the press and the first appeared on a stamp of the USA as the lady Washington.

Abigayl Adams (1774-1818). It was the First three times - at first as the person who insisted that her husband “did not forget to include women“ in the Declaration of Independence of 1776, then it was the first who was both a wife, and mother of presidents, and, at last, she was the first lady who lodged in the White House.

Martha Jefferson (1748-1782). The wife of the president Thomas Jefferson died in 18 years prior to his election as the president. Their daughter Martha Jefferson executed function of the First Lady and was the first woman who was giving birth in the residence.

Dolley Madison (1768-1849). It was the first who it was honored to sit at the Congress, and the first woman who received the telegram. And the telegram was sent it by that Samuel Morse.

Elisabeth Monro (1768-1830) was the first who put an end to an obligatory first call of politeness to wives of other officials in Washington. Wives took offense and neglected her invited reception in the White House.

Louise Adams (1775-1852) was the first First Lady who was born out of the USA. She was Englishwoman, and also played Kharp and bred mulberry worms.

Rachelle Jackson (1767-1828) - the first poligamka. Married Andrew Jackson, without being divorced with the first husband. Died after election as its president, but before his inauguration, and the role of the First Lady was played by her niece Emily Donelson.

Hanna Van Byoren (1783-1819) - she was a cousin cousin of the president Van Byorena and died in 18 years prior to his presidency. Their daughter-in-law Angelika Van Boeren the last 2 years of presidency served the First Lady.

Hanna Herrison (1775-1868) - the first who was at the same time the First Lady as the spouse of one and as the grandma of other president of the country. She never lived in the White House - her husband died in a month after his inauguration. And their daughter Jane served the First Lady the shortest period in the history - only 30 days.

Laetitia Taylor (1790-1842) was struck with a stroke and is the first First Lady who died in the White House. Then their daughter-in-law Priscilla until the president Taylor did not marry again Julia (1820-1889) who was the photographed first First Lady was the First Lady.

Sara Polk (1803-1891) - the first who worked as the secretary in the device of the husband (without salary) and which forbade dances and a card play in the White House.

Margaret “Peggy“ Taylor (1788-1852) was the first woman - the shooter from guns. She refused a role of the First Lady and gave her to the daughter Bettie Taylor Bliss.

Abigail Fillmore (1798-1853) - the first of the First who worked for a salary till the marriage. She died in 3 months after spouses left the residence.

Jane Pearce (1806-1863) - the first depressive person who it was broken by presidency of the husband. When on her eyes their only and beloved son died in railway accident, the First Lady fell into a deep depression and never recovered from it.

Herriet Lane (1830-1903) - the niece of the president was the first with the bachelor`s degree in the White House. Passionate kollektsionerka of painting. Bequeathed a collection to Smitsoniansky institute, and now that is included in National gallery.

Mary Lincoln (1818-1876) - the first who began to carry out receptions (“sessions“) in the White House, and the first who she got under press criticism for squandering.

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