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What is a career horoscope?

Or how astrology Dzhyotish can help with the choice of your effective self-realization?

To make a horoscope of career is an opportunity for everyone who goes on the way of self-knowledge and development, to receive answers to the most important questions of itself, about the life, about the destiny, about the talents and ways of their realization.

The people addressing for consultation the astrologer Dzhyotish very often confuse concepts mission, career, a karma, destiny. But, only asking specific questions to the astrologer, you will be able to receive definite answers. Therefore I want to share concepts and to explain how different astrological indicators are considered in connection with these concepts.

The mission of the person is a way which it needs to pass in this embodiment, these are those energy which it develops in this life and according to it what role he plays within a family, a floor, career.

The card of a horoscope helps to understand the personality and as to the person to behave in different areas by means of the abilities. The Veda speak it is possible to divide people, from the point of view of their abilities, the purpose in life and values into 4 groups. These four groups of Varna - treated social division of society into castes and defined predispositions of the person to this or that kind of activity.

Bramana: the main values are people to whom it is interesting that that to study, they not to chase glory, key for them is a search of sense, true knowledge.

Kshatriya: appreciate an order and justice, can be military, can protect to organize others, often possess leadership skills.

Vayshyyu: there is a strong motivation for material growth, realization of their ambitions of desires, satisfaction of own ego, commercial mentality to develop itself the abilities (businessmen, dealers, actors) of Shudra`s

: keywords are a service by another, there are no special interests in lives, satisfaction of the requirements, are not interested especially than (the people working at simple specialties), do not try to reach tops.

Out of exclusive groups: monks, hermits, people who wander cannot find themselves in anything.

In a horoscope of the person there are signs and planets, and it is possible to determine aspirations and inclinations by their arrangement. On Varnad Lagna`s indicator it is possible will define a profession of given rise; in different signs the manager Varnada - lagna will give accessory to various Varnam (social groups), the connecting or its aspektiruyushchy planet will also play a role in definition of a profession.

There are soul indicators in a horoscope - it is Atma-of a karak, the planet the greatest degree in a horoscope. Shows the nature of soul of the person, shows that it is better to develop. And the provision of the Sun is also important better to understand what you do and what to develop. Strengthening these 2 factors it is possible to help the soul to be shown, learn to feel more what you want to do both in respect of career and in respect of private life. Influences, aspects on an atm to a karak are considered and through what the person can reach the best realization, through what energy.

The karma is an activity, our destiny, all this is formed of our desires in the past, a piety stock in some area. The karma which we saved up is shown in our activity. Acts are shown owing to our thinking, they are connected with our subconsciousness.

Shows our subconsciousness in the map the Moon, the astrologer watches what influences she receives from other planets. The better the Moon is located, the easier the person overcomes obstacles and difficulties in life.

Lenny knots: The Siberian salmon is shown that we brought from antecedents and to Rakh - shows tasks in this embodiment, the sphere of expansion of energy.

Nakshatra (lunar parking) - show ability of our consciousness to growth them everything 27 in Dzhyotish. And when we watch nakshatra and to what nakshatra there is a Moon we learn about deep energiya of subconsciousness. It is better to consider all 9 planets of a horoscope and their Nakshatra. Thus, looks on each planet what is saved up a karma.

Career is a material life within acts, to the karma embodiment at the material level. Career has to correspond to mission, the general life.

Looks on the 1st house - represents the personality, its internal nature, the owner of the first house - Lagnesha as he is located to study in what house, all influence is considered. Where to be the owner of the 1st at home it and there is a person, than he will be engaged in life. The razed desires and talents of people look according to one fractional card of Navamshe. 10y the house of a horoscope shows how the person progresses in career, rises of falling, the periods. 10ya the fractional card as an auxiliary factor, also helps to decide on a field of activity.

Through what, the person earns, is determined by the 2nd house of accumulation of wealth and 11y the house of profit.

To Indus the lagna - is considered when the person wants to open the business, and shows through what the person will earn money, the sphere for successful business.

It is also important Shat of a ball - it is force of planets. For example: if the Sun the strongest planet in a horoscope, then the person has leadership skills, to choose the works connected with responsibility, good will power. Still combinations of planets (yoga) in various houses of a horoscope are considered.

Thus, knowing concepts and asking specific vital questions to the astrologer about career, mission, finance, wealth, it is possible to receive concrete answers to the interesting questions.

The way out can be found of any difficult situation, and Dzhyotish solves this problem at the expense of easy and effective ways of correction of destiny. At the same time own resource of the person is used (as for the solution of its pressing, “ordinary“ problems, and as the guide on the way of spiritual realization). Dzhyotish teaches the person practically what to make to be in harmony first of all with itself, and then both with people around and with the world in general.