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Why harmfully to cram or How it is correct to learn foreign words?

On the Internet it is possible to come across a set useless and not really articles on studying of languages, since the fact that it is necessary to learn words by all means lying on a bed with lifted head over heels, and finishing with the fact that best of all languages are learned by itself in a dream. I decided to make a pressing of all that I found in the Internet, and what now I use. - stop cramming

First . It is the worst of ways of learning. In fact cramming is a repeated repetition aloud information which should be reproduced further. During cramming even of this is not about connection of imagination, a visual memory, logical thinking and other most powerful mechanisms of our memory. Cramming we drive as it is possible more deeply information necessary to us in memory short-term, and times for us from it excruciatingly painful...

Unfortunately, all of us crammed at school verses, rules, new words and fragments from works of great authors. The only plus which can be seen in cramming is a zabyvaniye. If you want to forget absolutely what was learned a few days ago, then you cram because otherwise the zabyvaniye is not guaranteed.

Ways of effective storing weight. These are not confidential ways, and about them legends do not go, but they in forces to improve progress of the pupil at school, in higher education institution and to make process of training effective, fast and fascinating. I allocate of 4 main approaches :

Connection of imagination , or right hemisphere. For the best storing create at yourself in the head history or the bright picture . If you have to buy in shop of egg, cheese and bread, then imagine a picture as you eat fried eggs and cheese sandwich as it tasty looks and attracts you the smell. I will note that something absurd sometimes is better remembered.
of Association . Storing can be improved thanks to associative communications. Remembering something new, try to find or create strong association with things which you well know. This exercise will strongly improve your memory. It works as a snowball - new associations accumulate on old and strengthen them. Good associative communications will do good not only to your memory, but also and intelligence, thinking and imagination.
Storing under music . It is better to remember new under classical music.
of Repetition . Repetitions are necessary for data of a zabyvaniye to a minimum. The first repetition before going to bed is especially important . Further it is necessary to repeat information with the increasing interval. For example: the second repetition every other day following in three days, the fourth in a week and the last in a month.

We will consider storing on the example of equipment E. A. Vasilyeva “Polyglot“ for storing of foreign words . By means of this equipment it is possible to learn one day prior to 300 words . It is necessary for storing of words:

- to imagine the translation of the word;
- to think up the conformable word and to present it;
- to connect two images in the picture or history and to create a key - the phrase for storing (a key - the phrase has to comprise the translation of the word and conformable foreign the Russian word);
- to photograph the word written by you eyes;
- to write down this word several times and to check itself;
- to write down the word on a card for further repetition.

I advise you instead of cards to use the website memrise. com . On the website it is possible to create own dictionaries of the studied words or to use already ready. There the system of repetition is built in.

In conclusion I will tell the following. It is proved that memory of the adult is capable to remember in 5 times more , than memory of children thanks to the saved-up baggage of associative communications. If you consider that with age memory becomes worse, then you are mistaken. The secret only that the motivation both was not, and is not present, and there is no wish to work from - under sticks any more.

Get down to business. You do not cram, and develop yourself, be trained.