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Movie “Gloomy Shadows“. Why it is difficult to call a picture Tim Burton`s thing?

Well and a burdock Johnny Depp`s character in the movie “Gloomy Shadows“! The beauty - the blonde (well, maybe mind at her not great granaries) stamps to break and almost jumps, and Depp`s hero Barnabas Collins only ran up to her behind and let`s ask. Type. Dzhozetta (actress Bella Hitkot) do not jump to the abyss and it is not necessary to do so and we will go we will strike beer, or we will go we will oversleep. Or at least we will go catches butterflies. It is a shame!

Here who so stops from suicide? No, to grasp the maiden by a hem of a long dress and to drag from edge of a chasm, is not present, it is necessary to have a look at first whether the victim herself will jump down, or not. And if that suddenly began to doubt, then it is necessary to call her so desperately and, sticking into her eardrums that she precisely jumped. Eh! A burdock Johnny Depp`s hero in the picture “Gloomy Shadows“! Burdock.

Burdocks grow on bogs where often damp and gloomy. From the first shots we get to the gloomy world of Tim Burton. Black clouds, medieval motives, mystical signs. Otherworldly forces. That it is pleasant to me in his creativity, so it is ability to find for roles of witches of such charming women who want to be filled up immediately and even to become the witcher, that is to become the husband of such vedmochka as Anjelica (Eva Green).

For some reason history of gloomy shadows attracted to both Tim Burton, and Johnny Depp and Michel Pffayfer. The last in the movie looks extraordinary effectively, adjusted for age, and Burton made her not just beautiful, but also imperious lady.

There were shots, I watched the movie, and still a certain vague concern did not abandon me., It seems, and picture plans are similar to the same “the Sleepy Hollow“, it seems, and Burton`s surrealism is present, but the feeling is for some reason created that not Burton shot this movie! Miraculously! It as though you remember since the childhood taste of Buratino drink in bottles, with such abundance of bubbles that the nose breaks through. And then, years through fifteen, you buy the same small bottle, and on etiquette an inscription, it seems, too by “Buratino“, and you taste itot not that at all. Even bubbles not those. I do not know why such feeling is created when viewing “Gloomy shadows“.

Johnny Depp (Barnabas Collins) in a picture works as the excellent illusionist, but no more. Having got out of a grave where lay in dust of 200 years, he first of all hires to himself in the drunk`s servant by means of moves hands before the spent on drink face of it. I smiled. To me Johnny Depp in general here was proved to be not similar on most. White all as the billiard ball and some an ordinary-looking vampirenok, with symptoms of dystrophy and maniacal - persuasive psychosis.

But Angelin`s vedmochka performed by Eva Green directly - reminds the most appetizing pyshechka. Open eyes, colored lips, prompt features. A wig, however, on it very much ridiculous. Makes it more similar to the pretty girl a Barbie doll, than to a vedmochka.

Coming back to feeling that “Gloomy shadows“ it is not a bertonovsky thing, I noticed that the narration casts simply - naprosto desire to yawn. Any special bright images, also it seems that you watch something similar at “Social network“. Well, on which was to lift their graves of the vampire to authors? It turns out that it returned to business of a family Kollinzov the former power in canning business which is almost taken away by the witch Anjelica and her latest corporation. That is “Gloomy shadows“ is a history business of opposition, priperchenny vampirism popular now.

It seems to me that the movie “Gloomy Shadows“ at all not the drama, but it and not the comedy. And not a horror film. Indistinct some form. Here we will have a look at the brother Michel Pffayfer. Rozhder Collins (actor Johnny Li Miller) in the movie just any, and I do not understand to what in general he was invited to this role. From it there is neither power, nor a heat, nor cold weather. It as though a far asterisk in the sky. She where - that is, but sees nobody her and does not know and does not want to know.

But there are nevertheless episodes from Burton as exchanges it seems. The lieutenant Rzhevsky, for example, was always a big inventor. There is a joke. the Family Growth sells to
furniture. The turn reaches Natasha`s room.
- Madam, how much is this bed?
- This bed is not on sale. It is memory of my intimate relations with the lieutenant Rzhevsky.
- In that case, madam how much there will be this case?
- This case is not on sale. It is memory of my intimate relations with the lieutenant Rzhevsky. - Allow
, madam, but really from all room remains only a chandelier?
- Ah, you are mistaken. The lieutenant was such inventor...

In “Gloomy shadows“ Barnabas Collins (Johnny Depp) and the witch Anjelica (Eva Green) acted as the inventor. As they, being engaged perverted vampirsko - witch adultery! And the covering all claws was torn, and on a ceiling somersaulted, and on a wall crept in love ecstasy. As two active flies. In general, here we observed ultraboundary such mystical sex which reminded that the movie was shot nevertheless by Burton. But sign episodes in the movie few. There is no highlight. There is no drive. The movie often just wanted to be interrupted because quite boring show was given this time by the Master.

In plus the picture can bring work of designers of a decor. The lock Kollinzov is found, he as if all breathes a scope, fancy sculptures and bas-reliefs attract, secret rooms and confidential buttons - all this made feeling that the lock LIVE.

Work of decorators causes respect, but here the plot and its embodiment leaves feeling of a restlessness. Actors rush about in a shot and as if do not know as as to them to play. Roman of the vampire who rose from a scorching heat of times and the modern governess Victoria Vinters (Bella Hitkot) reminds option of “Twilight“ again. What does it have to do with the given novel to history of restoration of business greatness of a family Kollinzov? Barnabas Collins fights for cans with fish production rather who will put a small fish directly in a tin: Anzhelina Bouchard`s clan or clan of the same konservist - bloodsuckers Kollinzov. Why to canning kings some governess who, besides, sees signs and visited a madhouse?

On the other hand, the governess from a madhouse are a new style of recruitment, especially, if the juvenile sonny too shizik David (the actor Gulliver Mac - Grat). But why put a shizik to a shizik? I got confused.

This general confusion penetrates the movie “Gloomy Shadows“ and I will honestly tell, I did not understand about what actually this cinema. Tediously. Chaotically. Without highlight. Not on - Bertonovski.

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