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Between Feodosiya and Koktebel, slightly away from key roads, there is a small settlement of Ordzhonikidze. nothing special the settlement is rich with

In the first experienced look. But if to visit here several years in a row, then it will be found out that on rates of development of resort infrastructure it significantly advances certain known places of Big Yalta. Simeiz, for example.

On my supervision, Ordzhonikidze as the resort began to develop actively only somewhere since 2006. Then with the wife a wind of change incidentally brought us in this corner of the Crimea. At that time the embankment was dressed in a stone blocks only along football stadium of an alternating cast of well-known Kiev “Dynamo“. And reinforced concrete steps on fifty-meter descent to the krupnogalechny beach were laid only to a half. And in the bay “Dvuyakornaya“ invited guests only two boarding houses which remained from former times.

Earlier the settlement was the closed settlement. Practically all its inhabitants worked at confidential munitions factory “Gidropribor“. Ridiculously, but present vacationers call it both nuclear plant, and nuclear combine. Probably because to a checkpoint of the stiffened enterprise to this day passersby and travelers are not admitted. Yes plus carelessness. When you drive in Ordzhonikidze, at the left the reddish building with a distinct inscription in the direction of travel is well visible: “Construction base z - da Ghidropribor“. And in a minibus it happened to hear as the spheres of observatories which are not far from the settlement were called by the factory spaceport.

Presently the settlement becomes all “kurortny“ from year to year. The embankment is almost completely improved and filled with cafes with the menu and entertainment programs for every taste. However, on the city beach from permanent attractions - only one inflatable hill yes a bungee, but for fans of a bigger variety it is possible in 20 minutes a minibus though to Feodosiya though to Koktebel to reach.

Certainly, hire of scooters, catamarans and boats is adjusted. And horse walks are organized since recent time. Besides from year to year in Ordzhonikidze more and more parents with kids because entertainments for the last enough have a rest. There was in the settlement also a boarding house with the pool, in the territory of the former factory vehicle fleet. In the Two-anchor bay as mushrooms grow sheds, pushing aside savages further and further. It is possible and not to speak about the number of private boarding houses and apartments.

From this year in Ordzhonikidze one more convenience - exit railway cash desk appeared. It is possible on the way from the beach on the market, without feodosiysky razzle-dazzle and a crush to acquire the ticket for the necessary train.

All nuances and advantages of rest in Ordzhonikidze there is no need to describe. It is necessary to arrive and most to estimate as it is healthy when honor everything with a row from any point of the settlement: market, minibuses, cafes and beaches.

About beaches in this strange place conversation special. Already fact of a large number of vacationers from Feodosiya, visitors here on beaches, speaks about much. The first beach - sandy city. The second - krupnogalechny with a ladder in one hundred and fifty steps which can easily be used as the exercise machine. From the city beach on a footpath it is possible to pass through a hill on the sandy beach in the first bay, further - in the second and third. However, it must be kept in mind that the zone of nudists begins with the second bay.

On the other side of the peninsula where it is easy to pass on footpaths through hills, the factory bay has a srednegalechny beach. They say that its depth allows to accept heavy-tonnage vessels. Slightly farther - the popular melkogalechny beach called by “no-go area“ as exactly here the plant tested hydrodevices on torpedoes. Nearby similar beach but less convenient. Then there is an interesting beach at old boarding houses. It begins with pebble, having passed through which meters thirty in the sea, find a tender sandy bottom. Further there are already series of the beaches of sheds closed for third parties.

And all this is only large beaches. And not to consider different small bays on both sides of the peninsula. There are even plyazhik between rocks literally on two persons. It is possible to make the way on a stony footpath there. And there it is really possible to lay only two towels comfortably. And to the sea it is convenient to descend on a footpath in a bay 10 by 20 of meters.

But also it is not the most important feature of Ordzhonikidze. Considering a geographical position, the surprising effect is observed here. If on the central city beach, in Provato`s bay, the sea storms, then it is possible to pass easily on a footpath in the Two-anchor bay, on “no-go area“ and to enjoy a calm. And, certainly, on the contrary. And water temperature happens different. Water +22 °C, and on “no-go area“ at the same time can be in Provato, itself measured, +14 °C.

Here we have no such variety, perhaps, any more also anywhere.