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In what secret of popularity of a mountain ash?

Ah, this red mountain ash! Its berries possess curative properties. Many national beliefs and ceremonies are connected with it. She long since is considered a symbol of homeliness and family happiness.

Bright beauty of its clusters inspired the artists and needlewomen who were often using mountain ash motives in the creativity more than once. To take at least a Khokhloma list or a national embroidery. The famous Russian poets devoted to a mountain ash verses: prince Vyazma, Marina Tsvetaeva, Sergey Yesenin.

But, certainly, the present laudatory ode to this tree was put by herbalists. Knew about curative properties of red berries still at the time of antiquity . Greeks, and after them and Romans, with its help disinfected water. In a vessel lowered a mountain ash branch, filled in with water and allowed to be drawn. Water did not spoil for a long time, developing a pleasant terpkovaty taste.

Today the mountain ash continues to be applied widely by in traditional medicine , thanks to the curative properties. If earlier herbalists “registered“ mountain ash berries, being based only on experience of other Aesculapians and own supervision, then now their advantage is confirmed with numerous researches.

In fruits of a mountain ash the high content of sorbite is revealed - it lowers cholesterol level in blood and fat in a liver. And here availability of vitamins E, C, B2, P, carotene, essential oils, tannic bitter substances, sugar and organic acids its tart berries by fine means against a winter gipovitaminoz do.

It is very simple to prepare a vitamin supplement for tea . For this purpose it is necessary to fill up a spoon of the crushed dried fruits of a mountain ash in a zavarnik, to add as much black tea and to fill in with abrupt boiled water. Thus, usual tea not only “will be recharged“ by vitamins, but also will get a new flavoring note.

In traditional medicine there are many recipes of preparation of the toning vitamin collecting which part mountain ash berries are. Without exaggeration it is possible to call them house multivitamin complexes.

For example, having taken on 1 / 2 tablespoons of the crushed hips and berries of a mountain ash, the gulf and having allowed to be drawn by their 2 glasses of boiled water in a thermos days, you receive excellent vitamin drink. It is necessary to accept it several times a day on a half-glass with addition of honey or sugar. In the ziyena - the spring period this the multivitamin supplement will help an organism to resist to attacks of viral infections successfully.

But gipovitaminoz and colds not the only illnesses which are not capable to resist salutary properties brightly - red berries. You judge, the mountain ash is applied at diseases of a thyroid gland and zheludochno - an intestinal path, blood and urinogenital system. And in traditional medicine the mountain ash is considered good sleeplessness medicine, the high arterial pressure and headaches.

However it got popularity not only as a remedy. The essential and fat oils, carotene and an askorbinka which are contained in its berries widely of are applied in cosmetology . Srubs, creams, lotions, masks for various types of skin and hair - here the list of means and procedures which main component is the mountain ash.

Culinary specialists also did not stand aside, having praised it. Russian cuisine is rich with “mountain ash recipes“: from it prepare jam, desserts, jam, jams, candied fruits, jelly. In a word, various sweets with medical effect, but also - tinctures.

The best time for collecting and preparation mountain ashes comes after the first frosts. Then berries become sweetish on taste, losing usual tartness. But the same effect can achieve, having placed a mountain ash in the freezer if for any reasons you do not want to wait for frosts.

Well, behind a window the fall - is a high time to think of harvesting and preparation of a useful mountain ash for the future!