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Shyness leads to loneliness, poverty, death of

are pleasant to Much timid people. And I and timid treat recently constraining watchfully. From outside they look “reserved“, “serious“, “modest“. Also it is considered that this high quality. However, that at them there in soul who knows? In my opinion, shyness - all this is the bad quality creating an array of problems.

What is shyness? It is awkwardness in the presence of other people. One client on consultation told

: “I am at work in a chair an easy fit having collapsed, I hear - there is a chief - and at once am clamped, I clean tension, phone from hands shoulders and I put on a table, as if what the chief did not think, I turn a chair to a table, I utykatsya in the monitor by the person, I pretend that I work strenuously“. Or which of you at examination did not worry before professor so that everything took off from the head?

Extremely timid person feels such terrible fear in the presence of other people that it has one desire - to escape where far away and to disappear.

Shyness is shown differently. Person:

It is silent,
to It it is heavy to interlocutor to look in eyes, not to mention that 2 - 3 seconds to hold a look,
U it low and high pitched voice,
Hardly formulates the thoughts,
Constraint in the movements,
the Head is hung, stoop etc.,
Heart fights often - often,
Palms sweat,
On skin goosebumps,
  run; cheeks, ears Redden.

the Timid person as it is sad as painfully to realize it, but he builds among themselves and other people a wall. It is behind a wall from other people. As it is not strange, but not always the timid person seems to the people surrounding him easily vulnerable, thinly feeling and so on … It is perceived by them as haughty and haughty, than alienates from itself(himself) people even more.

Shyness consequences sad will get rid of shyness better.

to the Timid person it is difficult to b to strike up new acquaintances, new friends. If, to the guy suddenly likes the girl, but he does not decide to approach to get acquainted to it. And he lives one - odinyoshenek. Often, the feeling of loneliness is characteristic of those who address me by e-mail. The loneliness wearies and breaks off their soul.

Shyness prevents to act publicly. Is to the person what to tell, but knees shiver, heart jumps out and he does not decide to leave before public and to make performance. And other people deprives of an opportunity to obtain valuable information, and itself loses recognition and respect from other people.

Shyness limits choice of profession. the Person chooses not that field of activity where it has talents and abilities, and that where communication with people is present minimum. Sometimes it seems to me that some programmers or “IT specialists“ chose the profession because took seat for the computer and it is not necessary to communicate with other people, so more safely. It is better to sit quietly at the monitor, sorting a program code, than to communicate with the client who can ask inconvenient questions or somehow not so look, not that to tell something.

Shyness does not allow the person grow on a career ladder. He is afraid to show an initiative, to ask the specifying questions at the chief, to come to the chief into an office when it is demanded by business.

Timid people are inclined to alcoholism. to Them needs to remove the collected stress, to clean barriers, to relax. Only having drunk alcohol, he feels easily near other people, relaxedly. Only in an alcohol intoxication takes courage to approach the girl or to tell a joke, a cheerful story.

Timid people are sometimes inclined to violence. They do not show the feelings, and feelings gradually collect, collect and through some time are splashed out. Somehow can break through the fountain of feelings: in the form of abuse, fight, shout, sadism … One my client reached that put on boxing gloves and beat the cat. And so it was discharged. About timid speak: “Still waters run deep“.

Shyness can lead to loss of health and to death. Timid body pains can not tell the doctor about the indispositions. I will give an example from life of mine of the grandfather and the grandmother. The grandfather badly felt, but assured the grandmother that everything will pass soon. Once before going to bed the grandmother noticed that the grandfather does not take off socks, and tells supposedly what in socks lay down, remove … And the grandfather something refused. When all - removed, the grandmother was horrified - legs were strongly swelled up. The grandmother of course gave to the grandfather dispersal for such behavior, the grandfather was brought to hospital. There were swelled-up legs - it is a symptom of warm problems. And if not the grandmother, then the grandfather would die. From - for what? From - that hesitated to speak about the swelled-up legs did not want to disturb others.

What to do with shyness? There are two areas of work:

The first - together with the psychologist to understand from where shyness roots why it is present that gives grow.

The second - it is necessary to gain self-confidence. (about it in the following record of the blog).