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How to understand what you want? How to find meaning of life?

Hello friends! This time I give our correspondence with the permission of the remarkable young man Nikolay. Thought how to call it, about what it: about meaning of life, about the desires, the purposes, interests that in life mine, and that others If it is short, then this correspondence - about the main thing.

Nikolay`s letter:


I write you with a problem. It seems and all is good, can so far, but I feel that got confused in life. I do not know what I want. Yes there are aspirations in different areas, but it is difficult to explain in what their sense as a result. The problem that I do not know sense in life turns out and to understand what is really important and what is not present. In total, seemingly, that keeps on foreign opinions, it turns out, and there is no base.

Decided to write to you as it became heavy somehow at heart after divorced the girl (well nothing serious, 4 days of course met) and talked today to the businessman who asked a question: what do you want? I told would like that I had more free time, and it in reply And what for? and here I got to the deadlock. I do not know why I to me free time, well of course will spend with relatives more time, but nevertheless something here not that, long will not be able to be with relatives, likely will bother.

What to do? How to understand itself in these questions?


my answer:

Hello Nikolay!

I am glad to receive from you the letter. You ask very important, very deep questions. I admit, seldom who even reaches them because they break and highlight the basis of life.

It seems that you in stay in the condition of confusion connected with what suddenly appeared, whether the base and was not, whether the base of life was not, not native, but the stranger introduced from the outside And probably approached that point when clearly you see what is here, the main issues appear, namely: what the main thing in my life? For the sake of what I live? What it is necessary for me? And so to a descent, hurriedly it is impossible to give on them the answer. It is not a standard task as it is aware of algebra or geometry, and a unique task at choice and search of the purpose of life, its sense, on knowledge of, and understanding that it is interesting that main

It seems that you start now forming of the strong, thorough base of the life on which all the rest will be under construction.

Somehow here so to me what you described seems from outside.

P. S. I do not know as at you, dear readers, and I have a feeling of confidence that at Nikolay everything will be adjusted. Fire of his soul, understanding pain that you live, without having the reasons for life, will bring him to answers to questions which it asks now. Nikolay is similar to the person who builds the house of the life on the strong base, but not on sand. And when wind, a hurricane suddenly will be near to pass, his house will remain is whole. And the house built on sand of others purposes, misunderstanding that the main thing and that minor, will collapse at the first wind.