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How to become the capitalist? Sewing business from scratch (Part 1) of

Sewing business (however, not only sewing) begins with sale! From sale of the fact that you are going to let out in the shop. It is the law, and observance of this law will surely lead your business to success. So with what to begin


Ideally you already have to possess long-term experience in trade in clothes or other sewing production. In this case the partner is necessary for you for the organization of sewing production.

If the reverse situation, personally at you is a know-how and huge desire to open sewing shop, then it is necessary to look for the partner from sales managers. I talk now about opening of own production therefore you have to have a partner, but not the customer who can easily disappear when changing market condition.

Your main task consists in motivating the future partner partially to finance production. Nothing so strengthens partnership as the joint capital.

Having decided on future union, we will accept model - you will be engaged in production, and your partner in sales.

For more exact modeling of a situation in present realities we will assume that you have the minimum set of knowledge of the materials and the equipment necessary for opening of sewing production.

So, it is necessary to decide on product type for start in production. To sew a coat and t-shirts in one shop is a utopia. Such diversification can be reached at a certain step of development at increase in production up to need of its partition into diversified shops.

We will assume, your partner has a sales office and several shops on realization of sportswear. Means, your future direction is knitted cloths and light fabrics.

What purpose of all started process? The purpose - to receive the most quality product at the lowest price. It is an ideal, and it is achievable!

I leave out of the equation details of process of registration of own trademark (or, maybe, you want to clone already available brand?) . It at your own risk. Let`s leave questions of copyright to lawyers.

It is necessary to choose model or several models for the first start. At the initial stage it can be clones of options of already available range. It is even more preferable to the first step. You ahead will have a lot more opportunities to satisfy the design or design ambitions, I talk about the beginning of a way now.

the Product is chosen, now you need to specify of what materials it is made and where such cloth can be bought

For increase of the professional level needs to get advice of experts. In Moscow there is a central research institute of the knitted industry, and so to you exactly there. In other cities certified laboratories can issue such information. You need to hand over a product prototype on test there. Through certain time you obtain exhaustive information on material of which it is made.

If we talk about jersey, then you learn from what cloth of density your sample, structure of the yarn used at production of a cloth is sewed. You will be told about vertical and horizontal density. You learn what is the linear density of a yarn and as the yarn counts (specified on reels) to transfer to TEKS (tex).

Also you will be told by what knitting cars the cloth of your sample and what classes of these cars from each other differ in is made. You learn how the type of an interlacing of your cloth and what in general interlacings happen is called. It is quite good to obtain still information on ways of dyeing, finishing and finishing processing of knitted cloths. To learn that such mangling and as this process influences mechanical properties of cloths.

All this basic knowledge (though nobody cancelled textbooks) are necessary for the qualified conversation with sellers of knitted cloths, and also for an assessment of quality of the offered cloth. And that the most important, you will be able to talk in one language to sellers, and it always causes respect of the opponent and lifts a self-assessment.

We will long not discuss where and how to find sellers of knitted cloths. The acquired basic knowledge will help you to find out the questions interesting you by phone and not to do excess gestures that will save your forces and time. Your knowledge and experience in negotiation will help you to agree about acquisition of the small coupon for production of several samples (it is necessary for optimization of expenses at the first stage).

Wholesale companies coupons do not like to sell goods, but in shop to you the way is ordered (because of very high retail prices) therefore you should make certain efforts and to agree all - about the coupon even if at inflated price. Except selection of a knitted cloth for the product, you need to choose future supplier of these cloths (in the course of further work this circle will extend).

the Cloth is chosen, the coupon is acquired - it is time to pass to the following step

needs to find Now the designer who will be able to make curves of your product and gradation by the sizes, and also the seamstress who will sew to you a qualitative sample is necessary. It is not necessary to save on this stage as the made sample will serve you as a standard for further start in production.

Considering width of a cloth and its density, you need to order together with curves from the designer an apportion for zakroyny shop. Having an apportion, you will be able to count a material consumption on one product which will be necessary for you for prime cost calculation subsequently.

On it the initial stage can be considered complete. We will consider the second stage in the following article.