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Psychological consultation online: who`s next? You already wrote

A to the psychologist on e - mail? Received psychological assistance online with use of Skype? If is not present, then it is time to make it! (Below you will be able to download my report on psychological assistance online at one of conferences.)

The Internet promptly rushes into our life and continues to occupy more and more our time:

at the number of users the Internet Grows. If now in Russia about 40 million people use the Internet, then by 2015 the number of people will reach 80 million people.
intensity of use Grows at the Internet. If 10 years ago only 34% of users of a global web went online every day, then now - 72%.
at the amount of inquiries people Grows in search engines by such words as “psychological assistance online“, “the psychologist online“. (is more detailed in my report at conference which can be downloaded below)

In this regard popularity and psychological assistance gathers online. What only names for this field of activity you will not meet on Internet open spaces:

Psychologist online
Psychological assistance online
Psychological consultation online
Help of the psychologist online
Question to the psychologist online
Answer of the psychologist online
E - therapy
Psychological assistance on the Internet
Psychological consultation on Skype
Council of the psychologist online
Family psychologist online
And so on and so on …

Psychological consultations online in a form represent conversation, conversation or dialogue between two people. In total as well as in consultation “face to face“, only with use of remote means of communication: e - mail, by Skype, etc. of

Why clients choose consultation of the psychologist online?

the Geographical reasons

Of course, it is the most common causes.

They live in the remote regions. In my practice me people from Moscow, Tula, Kaluga, St. Petersburg, Perm, Yakutia, Voronezh, Kursk, Rostov, Izhevsk, Saransk, Nizhny Novgorod etc. - almost from all corners of Russia addressed for psychological consultation.

Asked for the help from the countries of the former Soviet Union: Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia. From other countries: Finland, Germany, England, Holland, USA.

Transport problems

Clients and the psychologist can live in the same city, but or the public transport not very well goes, or in general to reach a meeting is a problem from - for long distances.

Long distances by

So that, for example, in Moscow to the person to meet the psychologist it is necessary to reach only one party an hour and a half. Well. Reached. Hour of conversation with the psychologist. And then still an hour and a half to go in the opposite direction. Total 3 hours of the road against 1 hour of communication with the psychologist somehow badly look.

Absence of psychologists in the city Not in each region works with

enough psychologists. One guy who asked me for the help was from a small town. So there in general in the city there were no psychologists. Not to mention professional psychologists. And communication through Skype was the only opportunity for it to get psychological advice of the expert -.

The floating schedule of work, business trip work is connected by

U of some with long trips, business trips. Not always there is a possibility of a regular personal meeting with the psychologist. Therefore some meetings can be held through Skype or to write E - mail, or to phone by phone.

Family circumstances

Still the reasons, from - for whom it is difficult to leave the house and to go to consultation to the psychologist, there can be a need of care, care of the newborn, of the old man, or seriously ill people.

For clients with limited opportunities psychological consultation online - sometimes the only opportunity to communicate to the psychologist.

The personal reasons Sometimes emotions so overflow with

the person that it is impossible to speak about them, overflow waves of feelings. In that case happens so that it is easier for person to write about it to the psychologist in the letter.

In writing or at a distance it is easier for some clients to speak about emotions or some events of the life, situations of which they very much are ashamed, perceive them as shameful.

Once the homosexual asked me for the help and as it became clear at personal meeting he would hardly admit it.

One young man wrote that it is easier for it to communicate in writing because is afraid that he will begin to cry if not that to speak not simply confidentially, face to face, and even at distance by phone or Skype.

It is very difficult for some to speak about the feelings, experiences alive. And it was in writing easier. That is psychological consultation online is a first step for them to knowledge of the feelings and to openness for other people.

The person is ashamed, clamped. An opportunity not to see, not to hear, (in case of correspondence on e - mail), to be at distance from the psychologist (in case of conversation by phone or Skype) is an opportunity for it at least slightly - to reveal and approach slightly the solution of problems.

One woman asked me for psychological assistance on e - mail because she was strongly beaten by the husband, her face was in bruises and bruises. It one stayed at home with children, on the street did not leave anywhere because it was very a shame before other people.

There are traces

there is a text of correspondence with the psychologist. It allows to take a detached view of a situation and of itself already after a while. In the same way it is easily possible to make an audio recording of consultation and then will return to it.


psychological consultation Has minuses online?

is unconditional to eat. Not incidentally western colleagues who practice psychological assistance on Skype, etc. warn in advance that consultations online do not replace real-life communication with the psychologist face to face at all.

So what disputed issues online of consultations of the psychologist exist?

Lack of “nonverbal communication“ is the most important reproach to psychological consultation online. Communicating in writing, the look, expression of eyes, a pose, a mimicry is not visible, intonations, pauses in the speech of the client are not heard. Consultation on Skype reduces these shortcomings, but all the same, there is no uniform space for communication with the person.
Confidentiality under doubt - is fears that correspondence of the person with the psychologist can get to a third party that can be extremely undesirable.
it is In certain cases inapplicable or does not approach. For example, if the person is strongly clamped, strongly timid, then psychological consultation is online possible only as the first stage. And further live trainings on development of skills of communication will be necessary.
Consultation on Skype can be interrupted at the most unexpected moment. Or problems with communication, or mother, the father, the son, the daughter, the brother, the grandmother can enter the room to the client suddenly with questions and affairs and to interfere with the consultation course.

among my colleagues - psychologists different opinions on psychological consultations online exist.

One categorically do not take and refuse it a form of work. Others, do not doubt advantage of psychological consultation on the Internet and refer to researches “The international society of psychological health online“, showing that psychological consultation online is effective in the solution of psychological problems.

That all - is better: live consultation with the psychologist face to face or psychological assistance online?

my point of view such.

I do not see certificates that psychological consultation would be online better or worse, than communication with the psychologist alive, face to face. Simply it is different forms of work.

At the same time, in my opinion, all most interesting occurs when two persons, the psychologist and the client, communicate alive.

Well and finally I submit to your attention my report at one of the conferences “Psychological Consultation on the Internet“.