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What happens to dollar?

the Unstable situation in the financial markets do not promote inflow of the investment Orsk capital on a long-term basis. The short-term speculative tendency is inherent in the market. A large number of the speculators acting on purpose “easy acquire“, buy in the morning, sell a security at midday, without waiting for evening. The negative economic situation in EU countries is reflected in macroeconomic indicators of the international economy. The economic system has levers for which management their owner bears responsibility, and the nation, society in general, each individual pays off.
Crisis of Greece, debt obligations of the USA, an active competitive position of Asia do not install optimism about tomorrow. At this stage there are no prerequisites for nervousness. Unemployment rate in the USA and the EU did not reach peak, the standard of living is not in the most optimum state, but this not pre-crisis state. Events in Greece, echoes of Romania, Bulgaria lead to migration of labor that in turn creates a competitive environment in the countries - importers of immigrants.
has an effect Leap-year, the market of food resources was poor harvest, the benefit, not in all types of crops. This fact endangers a stable economic situation. Demand for precious metals remains stable, but is not followed by an increase in prices as the technical analysis of the schedule of gold, silver shows the correctional movement after a bull trend of the period of 2009 - 2011. Everything in the world is cyclic - that has the beginning, also the end, economy to that has not an exception. Recession, falling, a depression, growth - the natural phenomena for economic system. Inflation is a chronic illness. According to classics of the economic theory, the first decade of HH_ of a century does not promote reduction of prices, monotonous, trend development on securities markets, everything occurs quickly, violently, often unawares.
to Predict a long-term outlook in the conditions of instability extremely difficult. Globalization, natural cataclysms, boundless human wants at limited resources, race scientifically - technical developments lead to global development of world economy and an unstable state in the financial markets. Dynamics of dollar rate and a basket of currencies in relation to it display a level of development of cost of national currency of this or that country in comparison with the American economy. Dollar and euro - as two spiders in bank: the dollar grows - euro goes down in price, euro grows - the dollar reduces the positions. It is regularity which is characteristic growth of price of gold, silver, Dow`s index - Jones, S &P 500, Russell 2000. At this stage the main currencies form a bear trend. Any forecast of financial instruments is limited by three ways of succession of events, namely: the price will go up, down or will remain in the same corridor. One of volatile currency pairs dollars - franc can go by a price boundary 0,7049, or replace a trend and move to a price mark 1,1250. The tendency to happen to a course of other currencies against dollar will be similar.